What happens when you put the engine from a Hayabusa in a SMART car?

Now this smart car was hopped up by an engineer with far too much time and money on his hands.


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Your reply makes you sound like an old geezer... LOL

Forest said:
What happens?, You ruin a perfectly good daily driver and make a slew of young folks come onto sites like this just because they want to have a car like that. Usually we hear from them once with an inquiry and never again because of the Labor and cost involved in making such a purpose built vehicle.

BTW. The Hayabusa engine weighs a LOT less than the stock one and thus the back end of the car sits about 4 inches higher after the Mod.
Not an "old geezer" ... Robert ..... but a very wise man with great common sense :)
What young drifters lack in common sense, they try to make up for it in expensive thrills...I don't approve of that either, but I am the first to admit I am an old geezer.... LOL
if you have $18,500 burning a hole in your pocket and want to lose a bit or rear storage area and can tolerate the noise... why not? if i win the lotto i'll do that to my current smart and get a new stock one :-P

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