Have you ever traveled on vacation with your smart? Or maybe you visited that friend that moved away and took your smart for the drive. We want to know your stories. Tell us.

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We have driven our 08 Passion twice to the Las Vegas area for both Jam on the Dam's, once to the Denver, CO area for the smart Nationals, and I took a solo trip to San Francisco. We live in the Los Angeles area and I must say that taking road trips in a smart is a great experience and quite comfortable. Also, driving in a caravan with other smarts makes the drive much more pleasurable. I do have cruise control which is very useful.  I have also found the smart to tackle some of the grades quite easily.  I was able to maintain 70 mph easily in 4th gear, going up the Grape Vine. Another thing that is important, is that I stay much more awake and alert driving the smart because you are involved with driving the car. In the future, we will probably take the smart for our road trips and leave the Suburban & Crown Victoria at home.

From L.A. to Denver, CO and back is the furthest out I've had my smart.  I've had my smart(s) between San Diego and Redding on other occasions.  Many other trips between L.A and Las Vegas, Bakersfield and San Francisco, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, etc,.

I'm guessing Dayton to Denver for the 2013 smart Nationals, but have many other long distance drives to look back on: Houston; New Orleans; Kansas City; San Antonio; Key West; Washington, DC; London and Hamilton, Ontario; Red Wing, MN; Wisconsin Dells, WI; and of course, OutSMARTing the Dragon in 2009.

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