Anybody know what metric size wrench to use on the motor oil drain plug? Evilution says 24mm, but that is too big.

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Use a 15/16" Box end wrench=same as 24mm.
Make sure you use a 6 point socket, or you'll wreck it...
Unless you have a 450, or someone has replaced the plug, it should fit.
24 mm is the correct size for the stock 451 oil drain plug.
Yes, 24mm should fit just fine. Use a good quality wrench; I've seen cheap wrenches that are off by a bit. Also, my preference is to use a wrench, not a socket.
24mm works, I did not get an expensive set either just go to Harbor Freight and get a set for about 10 bucks.. don't forget to get a two foot breaker bar. TRUST ME! it's a god sent...

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