The 32nd Annual Wheels of Time Jamboree in Macungie, PA is this weekend - Friday, Saturday, Sunday (August 27-29, 2010) and smart will be there.  There will be 2000 cars on display for the competition of Street Rods - some of the best on the country.  Smarts don't qualify for the competition but there will be a factory display all three days to show attendees these great little cars and answer their questions.

Along with the two factory smarts, we will be displaying one of our smarts.  We have had our smart airbrushed with custom design graphics, lettering and colors.  This not only shows one way to customize a smart but also to spread the word that they are GEMS!  This car is daily driver that gives back loads of fun and satisfaction.  Many folks understand that smarts are the future of the automotive world.  Just as the gorgeous Street Rods have a place in the history of cars, the smart is setting history now.  We are proud to display our smart and appreciate the Wheels of Time to allow us to attend there great show

If you want to see acres of beautiful cars, stop by the show AND come say hello at the smart display.  I send BIG THANKS to the SMART ALECS CAR CLUB of the Lehigh Valley.  It was our membership in this cool club that got us the invite to Wheels of Time.

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Who knows.... i might even attend the event on either the 28th or 29th..... Not really anything done outside besides the pinstriping..... but the swapped sound system would probably be something different to show there.
You might want to add this as an Event.
Just to be clear - this is NOT a smart event. this is a Street Rod/Hot Rod Event for over 30 years and with 2000 Rods. Smart will be present for a display of 2 factory cars and one of my cars for a total of 3. You can't enter your smart into the show, it won't meet entry requirements for a Hot Rod and age. You can bring your smart and park outside with all other visitors. this is a very positive way for smart to get the word out to other automotive enthusiasts. it is a way to educate others who have a love for cars. the atmosphere is one of fun and joy with gorgeous cars that shine bright and bring on smiles - the perfect place to showcase the smart. thanks again to corporate and regional smart management for supporting this type of activity and including the local smart club!!!
plenty of attention for the smarts

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