I'm just learning about the smart car, and I was wondering what you love about your smart?

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I love the way it drives, like a sports car, if you drive it like one. Peppy, nimble, fast enough.
I LOVE the styling..it is "retro-mod" to me.
I like the gas mileage savings.
I love that it is unique and everyone seems to smile when they see it.
They way you can change colors if you feel like it.
It is addictive. But if this is the only thing I am addicted to, then I'm good. ha
My biggest reason is simply that my smart cabrio is fun to drive, period. Yes, it's also just the right size for a one-person commuter car, and yes, it saves gas, and yes, it provokes smiles from other drivers, but driving it is simply fun!!!!
Amen to that!!! If they would give test drives all over the place, then people would get hooked eventually and then we would all be smiling all the time!!!! Happyville Nirvana, SMART car can save the world - go SMART CAR!!!! Nah, I don't like this car one little bit, do I? Now where's my jacket with the reverse sleeves to join this club - I need it in a medium, please....

P.S. FYI, I just got through driving my SMART for about 100 miles. Can you tell?
Like the others have said..... Probably the two most enjoyable things about driving the car are the simple fact that it's fun to drive, and it's fun to see people's reactions. For the fun of it, sometimes if i'm on a non-major road, and i don't see anybody ahead of or behind me.... i'll swerve side to side, turning somewhat sharply.... just to do it. It's kinda neat to feel the cornering brake control kick in and the car seems to right itself if you turn TOO sharply.

It's also fun in club's. Last summer, i was along for the ride with the Smart Alec's Car Club of the lehigh valley... we took a bit of a cruise from Macungie, PA out to Fleetwood, PA for the Deutsche Classic Car Show. Along the way, we came across several stop signs (cruising along the back roads).... and every time we did, if there were people waiting to come from either side... they waited and waved us on. Think we even had a fire truck wave us past.
I am also going to list some other good reasons why I love this car - we also own a pretty spiffy Lincoln Navigator with all bells and whistles, a Mercedes S55 AMG, a Nissan Exterra, and a truck. Guess which car we are all fighting to drive now? Yes, it's the SMART!!!!

If that isn't a testimonial to how fun this car is to drive, then I don't know what is.
I also love to drive it with the convertible top down. It's wonderful at night, when the sky is clear and you can see a big moon and alot of stars. Romantic.....
Like so many have said,

It's fun drive -- on the expressway, through city traffic, in cramped quarters. It is all the car I need. For that last few years, since we became a two-car family, I was rattling around in a 2006 Hyundai Elantra five-door ... all by myself. The panoramic roof and the excellent overall view from the cockpit make me feel like I'm sitting in a big phat ride, but everything is close at hand. All the controls are easy to read and find, including the audio package.

I also like the way people react. Kids smile. Other smart drivers wave. People stop me to ask questions. My co-workers, many of whom drive comfortable vans and SUVs, have been asking me to take them for rides.

From top to bottom, the fortwo is fun.
The Smart is a fun car to drive and the economy factor is a huge plus. The car is very perfect for me as i am a single person who really only has one person in the car other than me anyway. Less backseat drivers to deal with too.
the amount of room is a nice plus. my sister in law's boyfriend sat in my car for the first time yesterday, and said it felt like there's more room in it than in his small pickup truck.

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