Penske Mercedes is taking over Smart sales...We can expect high costs for maintenance and repairs, but we get a classier experience at the dealership...They better be sure to wash my Smart after they service it and give me free gourmet coffee...

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yea... i dunno.  The people at Smart Center Devon went the extra mile to make their customers happy.  I've not had the same pleasure at the other two dealerships i mentioned.  My parents also never had the same kind of treatment for the cars they bought new as i did with my Smart at Devon.
I agree with Ryan's comments in regards to receiving the best service from the dealership where I bought the car.  I purchased my car Annapolis, MD and they always seem to take the best car of it.  I'm in PA and I've had a car die at the Devon dealership and the Trevose PA smart center has replaced my shifter twice.  I will say that Margie at Devon was pleasant and lovely.  At this point I don't know if I should keep the car.  It just seems that there is no reliable dealer in PA or surrounding to fix the car correctly.
It still remains to be seen whether ALL Mercedes dealers will take care of us Smart owners, and do the maintenance and warranty work properly, or will simply treat us like second class car owners...
"Remains to be seen" says it all.  Won't be until July before we have the factual info on how this plays out.  It appears that only a select few M-B USA dealers (the ones selling smarts now) will continue as smart centers.  Whether other M-B USA dealers will have access to smart parts is another unanswered question.  If a dealer doesn't sell the car, I'm guessing they won't invest in service equipment, parts inventory and technician training to work on the car.
Does anyone know the actual number of M-B USA dealers currently selling smarts?
I thought there was something early on about 52 M-B dealers selling smarts but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

George Oller said:
Does anyone know the actual number of M-B USA dealers currently selling smarts?

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