1. Parking is never a stressful situation.

2. What are backseat drivers?

3. Your smart matches your outfit.

4. You can feel overprotective of your smart.

5. Blind spot detection? You have no blind spots.

6. You regularly catch strangers smiling at your smart.

7. Dressing up your smart isn’t weird, no matter what anyone says.

8. You have plenty of, “Well actually, my smart…” stories on hand just incase.

9. You’ve gone to at least one smart meet-up.

10. You always have enough trunk space for what you need.

11. You know everything there is to know about the tridion safety cell.

12. You just understand the smart “je ne sais quoi.”

13. Waving to other smart owners is just something you do.

14. “Can I ask you something about your smart?” is part of the soundtrack to your life.

15. You’ve named your smart.

16. You don’t get why your carwash isn’t half-price.

17. No one believes anyone over 6ft can fit in a smart.

18. It’s normal to have the ignition next to the gear shift.

19. You’ve caught strangers snapping pics of your smart.

20. You know that deep down, everyone really loves smart cars.

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All very true..........

This is adorable!  Thanks!


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