My new 2009 USA Brabus will be delivered with in the next 90 days. My dealer gave me a 2009 USA Brabus accessories booklet, but can't get the prices on anything. These accessories can be added to any smart fortwo, not just a Brabus. The dealer told me to call smart usa and ask them for the prices of the items I am interested in. They told me I have to get the pricing from the dealer, and to check back with them from time to time untill they do. Is there anyone that would have the prices now ? I am trying to plan ahead. Some of the accessories I would really like to add are :

>18) Brabus sound system - Adds a 100 watt amp and another subwoofer in the pass footwell.

>16) Brabus ambient Lighting - Adds footwell lighting for driver and passenger.

>14) Brabus light package for side skirts - Adds 3 led spot lights on each side of the car that shine on the ground. (Very Cool)

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Also page 1 of the Brabus accessories booklet -
any chance for higher quality scans? can't really read those.
Hi Ryan, sorry but this was the best I can get with my scanner. It's funny though because they look really good on my computer. I can even read all the printed words and everything. I don't get why they don't look the same on yours. Your smart dealer should have this booklet. Thats where I got mine. Good Luck
well... i can kind of read them... but not very easily.
I have found the brabus style fog light/ day-time running light combo on a website, unfortunatly they are 700 bucks. But man, do they look hot! I am hoping the ones availible from the dealerships will be less expensive.
On the US Brabus, the fog lights are the same as on all the models. And the daytime running lights are just the regular headlamps that come on when you turn the key on. And they are full brightness all the time, day or night. This was not the way I had understood them to work. I read that they would be at half brightness during daytime operation. And you can't turn them off. When the key is in position one the lights come on. I have been turning the light switch to the park position just to get the headlights to turn off, because I don't like that the headlights are on just because I have the key on, or the engine running when I am not driving. Now the extra set of lights you see down by the fog lights, are just that, extra lights. Extra headlights to be exact. They don't have anything to do with the daytime running lights or the fog lights. This accessiories kit just adds two extra headlights down by the fog lights. They may make the car look a little cooler, but I don't think they are really needed or usefull.
I did not hear about the other sub-woofer. I did get everything else available on the car when I bought it. Was a few thousand more.
Watch out for the emblem falling off the gas tank lid.
those all are cool - I got every one that they had at the time of my config. I love them all. the woofer I have shakes my pant legs when I've got it cranked up! Just loads of satisfaction!

Hi Terre,
I also got every thing I could at the time of configuration, and found I did not need the extra 100 Watt amp and subwoofer. For me, in that little car, it's more then enough. It sounds great ! Enjoy
yeah, my 'B' gas cap emblem dropped off during a warm spell here in Sacramento. It left a phantom impression on the gas cap door. It's not as shiny as the first one, but when the BonBon is a bit dusty it matches the rest of the car~ still loving it...
Terre Johnson said:
yeah, my 'B' gas cap emblem dropped off during a warm spell here in Sacramento. It left a phantom impression on the gas cap door. It's not as shiny as the first one, but when the BonBon is a bit dusty it matches the rest of the car~ still loving it...
I lost my Brabus gas cap decal three times. The dealer said there was to be a new and improved gas door with a better decal coming out before the end of the year. On Monday the dealer called me and I went in today to get the new and so called improved gas door. Surprise!! It is nothing more than a new decal with better adhesive (so they told me). They even put green painter's tape over the decal and said to keep it dry for at least 24 hours. It will be interesting to see how long this "new" decal will last. If this one falls off, I am planning to get a black metal gas door with the faux hex head bolts.
I have not lost my decal yet, but I did talk to Joe Stevens the smart tech here at the Bloomington, MN smart center. He said something new to replace the decal was coming by the end of the year. Sad to hear it's just another decal. If mine starts to come off, I think I will just remove it and keep it off. I don't want it to fall down on the fender below and mess something else up. Then if the door looks bad I will replace it. I think the big BB on the door looks kind of funny anyway. Nobody in the USA knows what it means,. just other smart Brabus owners.


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