Anyone else questioning their speedometer? Especially with the 17 in. rear wheels and low profile tires on the Brabus. I was just clocked at 55 in a forty zone. I was doing 48. Two miles per hour below the 10 mph buffer zone. I thought I was okay. Anyone else have this surprise? I had the mdc tempo max set for 48mph.. Needless to say I am not amused at the $127.00 fine nor am I comfortable not knowing what my true speed is. And could this affect my Gas Mileage? I suppose so! Heaven forbid! CATASTROPH!

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I purchased my smart (Maxwell) on 9/22/10 and noticed that my speedometer shows 4 to 5 mph faster that my GPS. I have an appointment at a smart dealer to check it out this coming Thursday. My concern is that if the speedometer is showing faster than it should be, is the odometer recording more miles than it should be?
As mentioned previously, my scangauge is spot on with roadside radar speed test. Just the speedometer reads high, not the odometer. You will want to prove it to yourself though. Check mile markers on the highway. 4 to 5 is unusually high. About 3 is typical, so I hear.

Anyone learn anything from the dealer on this issue?  I just found my 2011 Passion with stock wheels and tires showing showing 6 MPH slower on my GPS than the speedometer on a recent trip.


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