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Establishment of this group is for owners of the Brabus Smart and Owners of Smarts that are converting their cars to a Brabus Smart. Through interior, exterior, engines, transmission, remapping and performance driven modifications.

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Comment by Jordin Althaus on August 16, 2010 at 2:04am
Richard, I have the DRL and fog lights and I love them. They really complete the brabus look over everything else. I gives the car an aggressive front end, especially with the Brabus Black headlights which I have also installed. The lights sit father out then the single fog light so they are very visible. The black grill that surrounds the lights has a brabus B engraved in it. The DRL lights work with the drl in your headlight, that your dealer must activate. At night, they turn off. Highly recommend these lights.
Comment by Richard Baker on July 10, 2010 at 11:17pm
Have a question about the tires. Both my rear tires are cracking and should be replaced, 23k miles. I can not find tires by the same manufacturer except for the Hankook that came with the car. Has anyone put different brands on front and back and if so how does using different brands no the car effect it.
Comment by Marcello R on May 29, 2010 at 2:51pm
Hello BSO's

Here is a little FYI about the start of Smart.

In case mini vehicles were not small enough for you, Smart has provided the public with something even smaller. The idea was brought up in 1994 as a joint venture between the Swiss watch company Swatch and Mercedes-Benz. One thing led to another, and the first

Smart car was launched in October of 1998. A month after launching its first car, Smart became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. This proved to be extremely beneficial for the company due to the status of Mercedes-Benz. Smart from then on has been known as MCC Smart, otherwise known as Micro Car Compact Smart.

It has been a work in progress, but Smart has gradually been working its way into the public’s eye with an increase in advertising and by spreading across the world. In 2001, Smart launched its first RHD Smart in the UK and Japan market. This, of course, increased sells drastically because of the large automobile market in Japan and the UK. As of 2004, Smart was represented in 35 countries worldwide.

The first Smart car that was launched was the Smart city-coupe, which began production in early January of 1998. When it was launched in October of 1998, it was released to 9 different European countries. The 9 countries included Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.

Just a little over a year later Smart launched their second car, the Smart CDI. Again, this car was launched to the same 9 European cars as the city-coupe. That same month marked the date of the 100,000th city-coupe to roll off of the production line in Hambach. With the high success rate Smart was having with its city-coupe, it launched the city-coupe in UK in October of 2000 at the Birmingham International Motorshow.

Since the release of the first two models, they have been introduced to several other markets across the world. In January of 2003, Smart launched a 2nd-generation of both of the vehicles in the UK enhancing several features to the car.

In the past few years, Smart has kept up their production by releasing their Roadster and Roadster-coupe in April of 2003, as well as their city-coupe/cabrio BRABUS as the same time. The most known vehicle that was recently launched from Smart is the forfour, which launched in 2004.

It has been an ongoing progression for Smart, but little by little they are building up the number of vehicles and models they have to offer. With the launch of the 2004 Roadster and ForFour, Smart is beginning to be known worldwide with its compact size and environmental care.
Comment by Marcello R on May 18, 2010 at 2:27pm
I would like to extend my apologies to all the members of the BSO page, for dropping out of site for the last several months.

I torn my rotator cuff in my right arm that required surgery.
Doing rehab much better. Hi Richard, I have not ordered the double fog light yet, but I am going too. I hear that the way they work is when you start your car the first set of fogs come on, just like VW's daytime running lights. The second set of lights do not come on until you turn on your head lights, they act as a second set of head lights.
Do to me being "out of it" I am still working on the interior of my car.

I just ordered the interior well lights from Germany. I don't know if many know this, but if you can wait a little longer for your order things are less on some of European sites, i.e. Germany and England than American sites. That's if you don't mind saving money of course.

I hope this information helps you all.
FYI for those of us with iPhone you can bookmark smart usa insider and it will appear on you home screen as an app.
Another FYI, I live in Philadelphia, PA, and during these hard times my area lost one of only two Smart dealerships in the area.

As of a month ago Smart of Trevose, PA opened,
I just wanted to say Thank You Smart Corporate for keeping your word about opening a new dealership during these hard times.

I am seeing more Smarts on the road in my area.
Comment by Richard Baker on May 17, 2010 at 10:20pm
Does anyone have the double drl and fog lights? If so, how are they?
Comment by Daniel Coté on February 22, 2010 at 10:17am
Thanks Marcello. You've answered my question. I've been following the burgeoning U.S. smart turbo market for a while now but I was hoping for a genuine Brabus set-up. I have 3 companies on my short list: Speed Force Racing is at the top but there are a couple of others still in development that show serious promise. Additionally there's a company now offering ECU and TCU flashing that seems to be getting good results.

If you haven't done so yet, check out . There's a lot of activity going on there about all this.


Comment by Marcello R on February 22, 2010 at 9:46am
Hi Dan,
I purchased my Smart in 2008 and have establish contacts in Germany and England. These comments are directly from my
contact in Germany, who worked for Smart but now has he's
online business. You cannot attach a brabus turbo to a North American Smart, the Engine and ECU is different. But there is hope!

There are three companies in the U.S. that made Tubros for North American Smarts as follows

1. Force Speed
2. Breathless

When I developed BSO I was hoping to attract more people that were interested in tuning there cars would join,
so welcome.

I am into a total conversion of Black on Black Passion to a Brabus Smart, from interior, exterior and performance i.e. tubro.

Best Regards

Marcello R
Comment by Daniel Coté on February 21, 2010 at 8:27pm
I just signed up for this group but it appears to be nascent at the moment.

Has anyone in the U.S. been successful in sourcing the Brabus turbo parts? Appearance items are fine but I want the performance bits more.


Comment by Dr ALEX on December 16, 2009 at 4:51pm
Has anyone BENT a BraBus wheel yet....Like I did here in Houston...pothole / bad road capitol of the USA? I just bent my Left Rear...No I dont have the wheel insurance...I must have been insane when they asked me. The NEW BrabUs Rear Wheel is $750....OUCH. No ....Wheel America couldnt str8n it. or it wouldve been $150 for that. Let me know who has bent the wheels on a Brabus. I may just install some stock Pull Offs so I can BaJa here in Houston. Really,,,, I didnt feel it if I hit one so hard as to totally Warp the wheel into irrepairability....
Comment by Marcello R on December 9, 2009 at 8:22am
Hi Alex, everytime that your car goes to the Smart dealer for
a software upgrade, they are remapping your car. placing a turbo on you car or supercharger is a good thing. There is a company located in California that
in my opinion make the best turbos for the Smart. there turbo are Green there by you can keep good MPG. The name of the company is Force Speed Racing, if you are interested in do- it- your self remapping. Area 451 (V.2) is a cruise control that was made for the North American Smart, with sixteen settings for remapping pedal. These are products that I am buying for my car. I own a orphan black on black passion, switch is not a passion any more because I am converting it to a total European Brabus Smart. I am taking my time with the car because I want it to have a factory look, not a street look. Currently I am waiting for my Brabus Leather Doors, Dash and knee boards then I can more to the turbo and Brabus body kit.
Until the next time BSO's

Stay Smart

Marcello R

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