How long did it take to get your brabus once you received the VIN # from the dealership?

Okay, obviously the "system" has issues... Back on March 6th we received the "official" email telling us that our brabus would be arriving in the next 90 days. That's gone by....

Then on May 27th we received the next "official" email saying "your car is on the way" with this note in the text of the email:
Great news! We just received word from smart that your vehicle will be shipped in the near future. While we don’t have an exact arrival date at this time, we should know more details sometime soon.
But the dealership didn't have a full VIN number yet and were just able to tell me that the production was confirmed.

Well just today I received the FULL VIN number from the dealership but now they are telling me that it might be August before the brabus arrives.

Seriously now, 8 weeks or more to get to the states? How long did you all have to wait once you received your information?

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I'd like to say that although I short-circuited the system, 8 weeks seems about right. I received "real" DDE dates back in the first week of March 2009 for my Brabus. The DDE covered a 90 day window. I believe it was May 23 to August 18 2009. That placed my actual delivery on or about 23 June (plus 7 days or so allowing for customs). I pressed the dealer from that very beginning, even before he was informed by smartUSA. You see, the dealer really is the last to know. They know even less than you. Sometimes I have heard right from the individuals themselves that they only knew when the dealer called to tell them to come pick their car up.

So, what I did to remedy the mystery was to accept an identical Brabus that had been orphaned in port in Baltimore. I took delivery on April 14th. That was nearly one month after the dealer said he could take delivery. Remember, we were discussing all of this in March. The VIN number merely means that the vehicle has gone into production, down the line, onto a truck to Bremerhaven Germany, on board ship with a few stops along the way, dropped stateside to be gone over by US Customs, loaded on land transport onward to the dealer, whereby finally they will spend upwards to a week prepping your precious little cargo. Whew!! Minimum trans-Atlantic crossing is 10 days, but more likely 14 days. In actuality the production date for my car was Jan 09 (probably somewhere in the latter half of the month based on comparison with other people's cars from their VINs). It was booked for load on Jan 26, 2009. Received at terminal and loaded aboard ship on Jan 29. It was discharged by WWL shipping in Baltimore on Feb 15 and released from customs on Feb 17th.

The dealer stated that it was orphaned. Now how long it sat on the lot, I don't know. The window sticker has printed on it their dealership name. So, was this car destined for them anyway? Truthfully speaking, it was not exactly what I ordered, it only needed the daytime running lights programmed. That was not a problem for them. A simple computer upgrade in their shop. Who orphaned it? When? These I cannot answer. I did cancel my reservation and took delivery of this model two months earlier than expected. Lucky me. I hope this helps get you through this trying ordeal. The anticipation can be unbearable at times. Hang in there. It will all be worth it.


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