Hey smart fans! I'm dying to get a smart fortwo cdi here in the USA (California, no less), so that I can run it on biodiesel, a low-pollution, renewable alternative to petroleum diesel. This is a very common fuel source in other areas of the world, particularly Germany, and I believe it is critical to promote its use here in the USA. Unfortunately, any attempts I've made to convince smart usa to bring these cars in have been an effort in futility and as far as I can tell, they have no intention of doing that whatsoever. There have to be other people here who would be interested in purchasing a smart cdi too. If so, please speak up, so that smart usa will hear our voices! Any and all discussion is welcome too. Thanks for your support in this effort, and happy trails!

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i do not believe smart usa is the problem. it is our government. late last year i attempted to import a cdi from canada and found it impossible to do legally. pollution is the "problem. remember this the next time you are at a light behind a diesel suv or pick-up! i got a new 06 instead.
I think the problems lies with the FEDS. Have you herd of any diesels coming from out side of north america since Jan.? Also I live in Canada and have a 2005 pulse, I am not allowed to run Bio as it would void warranty.
bring it!
I want a Smart CDI. My Sprinter based RV with a M-B CDI diesel doesn't smell or put out any smoke. I have been told by a Vancouver B.C. M-B dealer the Smart CDI would be legal in all US states excepting, CA and three Northeastern states. This roadblock also prevents the Canadians from getting the Smart CDI as well. Imagine if a fleet of these began running the roads of the US. We could say, "Hasta la Vista, OPEC."

Our Congress could easily override this if they were pushed. Given the fuel price and the fact there is no other quick solution beginning the importation of European high mileage diesels provides an easy short term solution. Put me on the top of the list.

Watch this and weep.

Yeah, it does seem unbelievable that the tiny fuel efficient and GHG friendly cdi gets lumped in with the much dirtier trucks and busses for regulatory purposes. With the current surging oil prices It would make too much sense to allow a temporary exemption for small diesels like the smart, VWs, etc.

George, I know that quite a few people run bio up North in their CDIs. As far as I know, it doesn't void the warranty outright...only if Mercedes can be prove that the bio-diesel caused a particular problem would they refuse to cover the repair. Saying that, they wouldn't cover the cost of a repair if they could prove that a bad tank of dino diesel caused the problem either.


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