I started this group because I think those of us who are smarties in Central Illinois are out there but hard to find. This would be a great place for us to meet and plan possible real meets. I now know two Central Illinois smarties besides for myself and two future smarties. HOWEVER, I know that there are more of you out there. Several smarts have been spotted in Champaign and I know there is one in Homer as well. Come on out and introduce yourself.

I am Maureen and I live in Danville. I reserved in March of 07 and got my car in March 08. A blue and silver passion coupe. I work at Carle Clinic in Urbana. I am a Clinical Microbiologist. I work in the Carle Laboratory. I also have a Masters degree in Epidemiology and I am on the newly formed Clinic Infection Control Task Group. I have a 20 year old daughter who attends Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana and a 17 year old son who attends DHS. My husband is a Dentist practicing in Danville. We have in addition to the smart (IT's MINE ALL MINE). A 2000 Toyota Camry, 2002 Honda Civic, 2008 Toyota Rav 4 and a 1952 Chevy Pick up. My other activity is swimming. I swim to eat. I eat to swim.

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Hello Maureen,

I am Doug in Decatur, with a red/black smart. I am a milk man for Prairie Farms Dairy. A person with a con. smart in C/U had her/his forsale on Ebay. I seen it one day while doing the smart "explaining" at Monicals pizza by the UoF a few months ago. But I am willing to get out of Decatur for whatever, or met half way in Monticello for some pizza at Fillipos. Later from Decatur. Doug (-:
Oh, by the way. I too have a 07 Civic and a 05 Civic SI. Gave up my Chrysler Crossfire for the smart, but dont regret it, but wish I still had it. (-:
Great to have you on board Doug!! I know that there is a blue one in Homer for sale.
What color was the one you saw for sale in CU? I gave up a Toyota Avalon for the smart. I loved that car too. But once I had the smart, I never drove the Avalon until I sold it.

The one that was on Ebay, was a red/black convertible--starting bid was like 19G. Again, it was a few months ago while we were around the UoI, not UoF like I typed earlier. We were at Monicals by the Assembly Hall when it buzzed around a corner.
Ohhhh, there is also a Black/Silver smart, another red/black--like mine, here in Decatur. I didn't see it, but supposly, another red/black one drove by my place the other day. Later from Decatur............
I know that there are at least two red ones in Champaign. I have seen one of them parked at Carle. I was in Northbrook this weekend and saw a yellow and black Cabrio. I would be great if you can find who owns those Decatur smarts.

Nice to meet you Donna!
I'm Jim in Quincy. Just got a Red/Black passion with tan interior and black rims. I grew up in Danville and still visit the area often, so perhaps I'll see you on the road sometime.
I saw a yellow and black a couple weeks ago at walmart in Danville. I have not seen it since.

There is a poker tour in Indiana next week if anyone is interested.

Mike Smith here in Central Illinois... Decatur..
I have a 08 Passion Black with White panels
Contact me and maybe we could share a parking place.

I am Phil and live just a mile south of Cantrall, north of Springfield. I ordered this on June 17, 2007 and we took delivery September 30, 2008. It is metallic blue with a black safety frame. When I ordered it, I had no idea that the Neon I was still driving at the time would be lost in a deer accident the following November. I work for the state, and have a 12 mile commute one way, plus senior care after work. My other activities include a reactivated Civil War regiment I have belonged to since '75 and bicycling, along with photography. This summer I will be using the smart to take some new photos along Old Route 66 to update those in a map I publish. We're Empty Nesters now, so a smart works out just fine! :-)
I am Jay in Decatur with a Blue/Silver Cabriolet. Our family of three loves the car! I have seen 3 others here, red/black, orange/silver, and white. Looking forward to a smart outing of some kind!



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