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Comment by Junell Wright on January 15, 2011 at 11:17am

I LOVED the Dealer in Columbus...too bad its too far away(I was on a road trip when I stopped in there)

I got the first few times I was at Trevose that they were new-I really don't think they are Smart techs nor do they know ANYTHING about these cars.  Thank God my extended warranty anyone can work on it so I will let my regular mechanic fix it-they've worked on my Plymouth for the last 10yrs.  Even the dealer in Columbus betted that the techs never went to Europe for "Smart College".  I don't see this dealer lasting.  I was at Devon once and that was about a month before they closed.  I want the dealer to do my regular service intervals but repairs aren't getting done by them.  I also think I will be going to Annapolis-I can make a day of it when I am in that area.

And why not answer the phone for 3wks?  They are not that busy-must got caller ID and see its me!!  The last time I had a repair it was either drive their in less then 2hrs or no open time for several wks.  This dealer I am sorry to say is getting shady.

Comment by MARK on January 15, 2011 at 10:53am


WOW! Sounds like they really have you a wee bit torqued.

I bought mine in Devon and was only back once for service (warranty). The experience was pleasant as could be for taking a car for service work. (sometimes I'd rather go to the dentist!) I was only at SMART Trevose once and that was not for service work. It was a sort of open house.......was not impressed at all. Now with your report, I know I will not be going there should the need arise.

My original assigned dealer was to be Annapolis but I requested a change to Devon.....easier to get to, pretty much straight down the Pike.

The routine oil changes and state inspections I have done by a local garage that has earned my trust many years ago. Now with your input, should I need the services of an authorized SMART dealer it will be Annapolis.

I am sorry to hear of your plight, but do appreciate your post.

Additionally, I'm delighted to hear a bad dealer has not soured you SMART Love.


Comment by Junell Wright on January 15, 2011 at 9:06am

Just thought it'd be nice to post my two cents about the "local" Smart Dealer

Smart Trevose has the WORST service and as time goes on it gets worse by the minute.  I've never seen a place like this-my regular mechanic doesn't play games with me nor do they try.

The dealer hasn't answered the phone in 3weeks...and when you leave a message they don't return it.  I got one reply to an email but still that was 3wks ago and my warranty is about to expire-I SWEAR I am NOT paying for ANY repairs that need to be dealt with cause they don't want to answer the phone.  That and WTH-my gas gauge issue has been worked on more then a half dozen times-even took it to a Dealer in Columbus OH.  Trevose didn't pay a bill and I got stuck paying for a car rental 4months AFTER the fact.  They had my car covered in grease on the inside on one occasion and I had to clean it up.

Really I am done with this dealer...if I got to I will go to Cherry Hill, Germantown or Annapolis..I am all for second chances but if you can't get it together after more then a half dozen trys then someone else will get my business.

That and I should add I bought a extended warranty...told one thing and when I got my actual cards in the mail they shorted me 5k miles.  I love my Smart and waited patiently for it and I refuse to let this experience make me hate Smarts-its just time to move onto a dealer who appreciates the car-not a dealer who has multiple brands on the lot

Comment by RVA on September 25, 2010 at 8:28pm
Enjoying our "new" used 2009 Passion. The unit had one owner for 5-months in CT then sold in auction, 5200-miles on the clock. I'm thinking dealer demo unit. If we were to order new, this is the unit we would have purchased. Good deal and "clean."

There are about 5 or 6 smarties in the Williamsport area. Attempting to contact them and share resources. Would like to see this group have a quarterly "cruse in" at some mall or restaurant. Rotate locations for ease of access and distance. That way even if only a few show up, there's always the lunch road trip. Wouldn't require any reservations, just a target location and date on a Saturday afternoon. Just a thought for consideration.
Comment by RVA on September 4, 2010 at 1:06pm
Here in North Central PA, smarts are few and far between. Getting blank looks from service garages when asking about service. Insurance agents are trying to quote for coverage but something they need to research. We are about ready to buy a new or used Passion but getting an uneasy feeling. Since this will not be a primary vehicle, we should be OK.
Comment by MARK on July 21, 2010 at 5:29pm
Y. Beam
Thank you for your candid recount of your experience.
How old is your SMART and how many miles when you had to have the shifter replaced? (for $800.00!!)
Comment by Chuck on July 21, 2010 at 2:23pm
We'll be going to Annapolis Saturday to get our "free updates" done. Annapolis is where we purchased the car. It hasn't seen a dealer or mechanic since it was purchased other than inspections. It's our wedding anniversary so we're combining it with a weekend trip for some sightseeing. Works for us.
Comment by Y. Beam on July 21, 2010 at 2:03pm
My car was serviced at Trevose this past May. The car wouldn't start and there were three lines instead of "P". The dealership informed me that I needed a new shifter (about $800). They were pleasant on the phone in the shop but when I got the car home and looked under the drivers seat, I noticed that the wires underneath were loose rather than in the tracks designed for them. (I have heated seats) It took my husband and I about an hour and to get the wires back where they belonged. I phoned the dealership and told them about it. I believe I spoke to a manager, its been a few months, and he said that he would speak to the mechanic about it. He apologized and that was it. If my car goes back there, I'll be sure to check everything and everywhere when they are done.
Comment by Junell Wright on April 11, 2010 at 6:55am
I went to Trevose last Monday to have my car serviced...and I got to go back when they get a part...the traffic is HORRIBLE and I have traveled on a regular basis in DC but this is absolutely worse traffic wise...hoping I don't have to do this often. The guys inside were nice-I tried to trade mine but they were WAY OFF what mine is worth for a trade so I kept mine...they are a little disorganized...they had less then a wk to set up...Faulkner wanted 6 months and Smart wanted them ready now so the dealer still looks like a Saturn showroom and still has Saturn Signs all around the property.
Comment by MARK on April 10, 2010 at 6:42pm
Thank you Junell.......hopefully it will be some time before the need arrises for a visit to the new dealer. If anyone visits them let the group know of your experience.

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