Is anyone elses car rusting from the inside out??? I have taken the car back to the dealer and they keep pulling the same crap that NOTHING is ever covered by any of my warrenties.

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It shouldn't be rusting! Where is the rust?
My top will not stay up anymore. The clips are rusted. The metal parts on the seatbelts are all rusting and barely hold in the belts. The cigarette lighter no longer works because it is all rusted, and now the rear window defroster has quit because of the rust inside
This sounds very strange and abnormal. Sounds like your car is being exposed to some toxic corrosive cloud of chemicals. I leave my 08 outdoors 24/7 in the city and am not experiencing corrosion.
My experience is the same as David's...

Every smart I've ever driven and ridden in (2 cabrios, 4 coupes) didn't have any of what you're describing.

Did you buy it used? Maybe the previous owner had left the top open over a wet weekend or something.

Otherwise I'd like to think that it's a chemical reaction...the 9V connection shouldn't rust in any car! D:


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