I went out to my car this morning and found my side front panel turn signal lights dangling by the wires.  Anyone know why someone would do this in particular, on BOTH sides of the car?  And what part do I need to purchase in order get them back in where they belong?

For some reason, the site is posting the image rotated...needs to be once clockwise...

and the other side of the car:

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If the clips aren't broken--it's hard to tell from the photos--you should just be able to "pop" the lights back in.  If they are broken, you could temporarily tape them in place.  The light is called the "side marker" or "side repeater" or something like that.  You can remove the bulb assembly by twisting it; you should only have to replace the housing (that the clip is on).  Call your dealer.  You could also check with local junk yards--I'm sure the ones on my first smart (died saving my life on 8/18/2011--almost 1 year ago!) still work!

If you don't get the answer here you may find some info on http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/. It's a pain in the rear to navigate the site but there seems to be much more technical info available.

Good luck.

Hi Monica,

If the housings did not break during the vandalism, they should pop back in. If the part needs to be replaced it would be either A451 822 01 20 or A451 822 02 20 depending on your car's VIN. The part number may be stamped on the back of the old part.

I basically just have the lights.  There doesn't seem to be a casing, and I can't remember what it looked like before.  For the past week, scotch tape has held up around the edges, even through the rain, because I'm classy like that :)  Though the tape looks dirty since I got it washed yesterday and everything around it is clean.  Ha!  Obviously, I'll want to seek an actual fix for this.  I'll google that part... I have a 2008.



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