This thread is to discuss ideas and possibilities for the 2013 Nationals.

 I know I'm not on the committee but if I still lived in Colorado I would want to help more directly with Nationals. So post ideas here for the committee to consider.  I'll start with a thought I had today:

As I was looking at photo's of Justin Biebers customized smart it occured to me that maybe some of the celebrities would come to Nationals if they were invited.

The first question would be Do we want to invite and have celebrities at Nationals.?  Pro's and Con's need to be considered.  It would definitely draw attention to the event and the smart!  The car needs to be in the news in a positive.  If we could get national media coverage of the 2013 Nationals that would definitely help promote the car. I'm thinking coverage during the event.

How to go about inviting them?  I'm thinking that maybe Smart Madness/Boris could help us with this since they have done mods and customizing on several of the celebrities smarts.

Please try to keep all comments as positive as you can. This thread is so folks can add suggestions or positive criticism. 



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Any celebrity is welcome to attend, provided they own a SMART car.  So long as the attention is on the car, and not just on the celebrity, all is good.  The purpose of the Nationals is promoting the car and their owners, not for celebrities to get more media attention.  Another way to look at it, if a celebrity came to the event and everyone was clammering for attention from the celebrity, no one would be looking at the cars that the owners spent so much money and time on to get the car ready.  The owners probably would not like their investments being ignored for a celebrity photo op.

Good point Russ.  I'd thought of that.  The only way I know around that kind of attention is to not announce that whoever the celebrity is is coming.  They'd probably prefer that anyhow.  At least most would.  We do need to capitalize on any positive attention we can get for the smarts and the national event.  Get the word out about what the National Event is about and how much we love our cars.

I'd like to beat the attendance at the 2010 Nationals.  Not as competition but because it would show how mych enthusiasm there still is for the smart.  

Yeah, we most certainly agree on the numbers!  With the contract we signed, we REALLY need the numbers to be big.  We signed a contract for 150 rooms for four nights.

I talked to talked with the Brand Manager at the Tulsa Smart Center on Saturday.  If I can get a poster to her about the event/Nationals she will display it.  She will also let me leave flyers there for customers to pick up.   I think that I can probably get her to send an email to owners on her email list about Nationals.  I know she will do it for drives and events that we hold.

Are you working on or do you have a poster or handout about Nationals yet?

Hi Jill;
We're close to having a logo completed. Once that happens we'll create all sorts of materials.  Glad to hear that your Smart Center is going to help!  Now if we can only get the remaining to do the same...

I can talk to the brand manager at smart center Boston and I'm sure he will get both Massachusetts dealers to carry flyers


I can also contact via Facebook a couple dealers that I have "liked" there to see if they will also carry flyers and put up posters and encourage my facebook smart friends to contact their dealers. See how many dealers we can get on board with spreading the word. 

I will hold back until your closer to having the materials ready.

Smart center Boston is on board. Waiting to hear from smart center currently


find a

smart center



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