Has anyone tried to get us presented to race tracks for intermission fun ?

Because I sure dont know

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What exactly are you proposing?  As for racing, I looked at that before and other than needing an approved helmet, it wasn't too bad cost wise.

what ever it takes safety wise you just drive them around as fast as you can mainly for the kids i dont think anyone will take the chance of damaging their smart on an oval and hurting someone elses smart lol

Sounds like fun to me.  If you find something, make an event for it and we'll see who decides to show up.

just leave the discussion up and see what it naturally generates in interest and we will answer any questions and pool information

some smarties out there will probably know where theyd like to see them

If I have to wear a helmet, I might have to borrow someone's cabrio. Otherwise, I'm game.

hmmm not sure how big you are i bet that helmet will fit in there

hmmm alot of views but no responce they might be waiting for a meeting in the flesh

Why don't you set one up?  We usually get better activity during the summer.  

Is anyone interested in forming a group in Colo Springs?  If so please contact

William Thurman at 719-229-2102 because he is taking a list of interested people to get a group going.  Thanks

There really isn't much activity on smart usa insider.  I would suggest posting on Smart Cars of America (SCOA).  I wish you the best of luck with your group!


find a

smart center



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