Is anybody from the DFW area considering the national meet? A caravan ... even a short one?

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I'm game.
Good points on the cost. I need to look at it a bit more carefully I guess. I sort of assumed it was at least mostly inclusive. Thanks for the heads up on that. Still want to go. Just more careful planning appears to be required.
We are still thinking about it! I think it's gonna be an event of a live time... Thousands of Smarts.....A convoy would be great.... breaker-breaker!!! Got you "Rubber-Duck" keep trucking!
I'm going. Who is going and when are you leaving? I would love to hook up and convoy.
After all the planning and looking forward to the trip, we can't make it! I had to file protest against my home property tax value and my hearing is scheduled for Friday 6/11.

You guys have fun and take a lot of pictures!!!!

Ali & Mayra
a.k.a. KNODEL


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