Well, my smart is now at the dealership getting two new rims.

Last night I was driving off of 295 southbound to I-10 east and somewhere in the construction zone I hit a rock and put a sizable dent in the inside of the front-passenger rim. 

My rear driver-side rim has had a dent for the last 2+ years that is not getting fixed as well. 

With the front rim putting the smart out of commission, we ended up going with the dealership to get it done as quickly as possible. We got it towed to them this morning and are waiting for a price quote.

Unless something is amiss, we will also get new tires, as I am at 55000+ miles on the original tires.

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Mike,  sorry hear when a smart gets hurt.  Looks like the tire blew out because of the dent.  Bummer. Do you have the tire warranty?


The dealership just got back to us with pricing.

They are saying my front left rim is also bad, so that leaves us with both front and the left rear are dented.

They are quoting $315 each for the front and $325 each for the rear rims.

All 4 tires mounted and all that is $571.

Just looked into Tire Kingdom, and they are offering the rims for about $135 each, and mount and balance of new tires $376. Kinda seems obvious. 

Now I just need to find someone with a trailer that we can use to get the car from the dealership to Tire Kingdom.

Does anyone have a trailer that we could use (we have a vehicle that can pull the trailer)?

What might also work is just a spare front right tire/rim that we could throw on to drive the 5 miles.

Mike, here's a idea: Get TK to mount the tire you need then take it to the car and change it, then drive your smart back to TK to complete.  I have a trailer, but it's a 100 mile round trip to get it.  or  See if any one here has a spare to lend.  Send a 'message to group' above the member box. 


The car looks great with the new tires and wheels Mike! A much better deal than the dealership was offering.

Hey spicejax, Just wanted to let you know that what you suggested is exactly what we did. I was without the smart for way longer than I wanted (shipping times for the special-order rims and tires) but it worked out great!

Good news Mike. 'I love it when a plan comes together'. Did you get a spare in case Murphy strikes twice?



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