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Tuesday I saw a red/back pulling out of the BLUE PARKING area. I was still in my parking spot and he drove by with his window down. I honked and we both waved at each other!!!! It was a young man on one of the rodeo committees!
Who was in the blue/black on 2920 a little while ago that I waved out the window to?

Saw the coolest little smart heading south on Milam in Midtown today. Looked like a little Purple cow!! :D

Even the license plates said MOO !!!

I saw the red one with the custom striping in the Luby's parking lot in Tomball.  And last week I nearly ran head on into a white/black one in the Lowes/Target parking lot.
@Sam C - I bet that was Freddie and Sandy's little purple car! They are part of our club and you can see their car on their page!
I have seen her too, but every time I see her I am in my Jeep or Prelude :/

Dora Anderson said:
Saturday afternoon I think it was, saw a 2008 Red Pure on 2920.  Young lady with shoulder length dark hair.
In lake Jackson, I saw a light lime green black stripe smart, temp tags on it. This was last tuesday.
I am guessing this is a 2011? I was driving the bus, or I would have chased him down lol
I saw a red/black passion with paper plates in the new H.E.B. parking lot between West Park and Bissonnet. I didn't have any cards to leave on the car.
So I got a chance to talk to the lady that owns the Blue/black smart in my neighborhood.  She ws out driving the neighborhood marking down HOA infractions O.o  I was in my garage when she rolled by and I waved, my smart was in the driveway.  I told her about the sight, and she said, "I have tried the online thing, I am to busy for that."
I spotted a smart car with a business logo on it in the Greenway Plaza area. It was parked and I was driving so I didn't really get to catch what the logo said.

Finally met Joey W and his mother-in-law Lilly who both have smarts and are members of our club!

Joey's smart is a black, really tricked out and will get up and go! Lilly's smart is yellow/black like mine and Joey has done some work on her smart, too.

What nice, nice, nice people! We had a parade of three smarts to Chuy's in Jersey Village for lunch today after Joey put so much work into installing my new horn, fixed my broken side mirror, AND installed my scan gauge on top of the dash!

Joey, his wife, and m-i-l are gentle, loving people and will come to a gathering of our club if we come up with a hamburger joint where no alcohol is served. I'M ALL FOR THAT! 

Blue/Silver going south on Gulf freeway around Telephone Road this afternoon.  I was going North, coming home. 

Off topic-ish, on 2920 also on my way home was a new Cadillac Escalade that had hit SOMETHING and the outcome was NOT pretty!  The speed limit is 55, leaving me with two possible conclusions: He was NOT going 55, or, the Escalade simply did not fare well in the collision!  The entire front end was destroyed.  I've seen stories of smarts surviving similar collisions.  :)


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