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Might have been Karen's car I put a card on this morning.  I had the wrist fusion surgery today, and was parked next to a yellow Cabrio.
Blue convertible sitting in the malignant traffic merging from 59 to Galleria.  We were in the Honda a few cars behind, coming home from the med ctr.  Then a white parked in the shade at Fuddruckers at Hollister/290 a little while later.

They're everywhere, huh, Dora! It's wonderful to see so many on the road. Wish we could get more active in our little club!


I love seeing them!  Gets me all excited!

Oh and on the way home from the surgery ctr Monday we saw a 2011 baby blue one; first I have seen.

Our trip to Spring was a lot of fun! We met four new couples who found out about our event from an e-mail from smartusa! We'd run out of tables so two couples sat at a table right behind us. We met another guy from Coca-Cola and his daughter and significant other. The Coca-Cola guy owned the smart car. I gave all of those people information about joining our club. We should have over 100 members if they all join! 



We were coming back up from my mom's house in Angleton today and almost got ran over by a Gray/Black that was getting onto 610 right when we were trying to get off on 45.  We were in my red Prelude, my daughter was with us too since we spent the weekend down there.
I saw ZUES this morning on my way back from dropping the wife off at work.  1488 @ I-45, I was in my Prelude though.

George just saw a new green smart with a very young lady driving with a 'Wag More' sticker at 290 near 34th street.


Last night on channel 13 news they were doing a story about gas prices.  There was a silver smart at the gas pump at the Shell station where they were filming the story.


Three smarts this week so far, and I've hardly even been out of the house!!

Tuesday evening, there was a red/black behind me at the light at 2920/249, then at the Parkway dealership used car lot, there was a black/black for sale.  Then Wednesday on the BW between 290 and 249 there was a yellow/black with the license plate HUGE that was behind me, then passed and then exited Fairbanks.

I haven't gotten to drive my car since I lead the parade to 290 last weekend, since we only have one car at the moment.  It felt so good to go for a long drive yesterday, even if it was just a trip to the doctor and then the pharmacy!  Filled up at 1/2 tank on my way home and hit 38.6 I believe, even with the a/c full blast.

I saw a black on black smart behind me as I was exiting Hwy 59 S at Weslayan last night. They turned right at Timmons and I kept going. Then at the stop light I saw one with advertising go by! There're Everywhere!
Saw a blue and black smart passion today and a white and black smart yesterday.


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