I was very disappointed with the dealer network and how they managed the transitions over the past couple years.


When Felman imports transitioned to Lupient (Golden Valley) I was hoping it would be smooth but several calls to both dealers over some parts issues proved that was not the case, but then Lupient moved it to the old Saturn Dealer in Brooklyn Park (I have worked with them a long time and like them).


Now things are all up in the air again. I am selling the Cabriolet and moving on. I like the car but I do not like getting jerked around or seeing the businesses I work with getting jerked around.  Might be time to trade it in.


Any news on when a Minneapolis area dealer will be opened? 


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Still no news on the MN dealer inquiries.  Spoke with thefolks at Feldman's Imports last Friday and they've heard nothing, nor seemed interested in selling smarts.  I pay my local mechanic to do the oil changes for me.  I buy the supplies, & Midas charges me $15. for the service.

New Smart Car Dealer Opening April, 2013 in Rochester.

I'm going the group can make a trip down for the opening 

Here is the Press Release. Copy to your browser.


Latest is that Rochester MN will hold MN's only Smart Center

Someone should communicate with this new Smart Center and make it an event!!!


Kia of Brooklyn Park DOES DO Smart Car Service work.

I would like to see another Smart Car Dealer in Duluth. We use to have a Mercedes Benz Dealership up here at one time. Time will tell.

Here is a Recent Press Article on a New Mercedes Benz and Smart Car Dealership Opening in Rochester.


".....New Smart Car Dealer Opening April, 2013 in Rochester."

Finally, after 2 years without a dealer one shows up about a month after my warranty expires. Oh well, even though its 80 miles farther than where I bought it, it's still closer than what I've had for the last 2 years. The next time this thing gets close to a Smart dealer will be one of the dealers other brands when I dump it for a viable brand.

Kia of Brookyln Park cant even scan your check engine light, They no longer have a Mercedes/Smart scan tool, they can provide maintenance and standard repairs but no warranty work. Eurosport of Wayzata has the Mercedes/Smart scan tool and can do complete Smart Car service, but also Eurosport is not a Smart Center and cannot do warranty repairs.
Peter W. Luke said:

Kia of Brooklyn Park DOES DO Smart Car Service work.

The article about the dealer in Rochester is from last summer. I have a few co-workers that drive by the new dealership on their way to work, They say it is going up quickly and looks quite nice..

We may need to have a Saturday trip to visit  for their grand opening. 


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