When I told folks that I was buying a Smart they said that I should get a Prius or a hybrid. BUT............

My wife and I ride motorcycles and I wanted the Smart for looks, mileage and the FACT that I can get it AND two motocycles in one side of the garage. I could not fo that with a Prius!

As a bonus, after two test drives, I was hooked.

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3 Harley's and the smart on one side of the garage and an H3 on the other. Can't do that with any other car.
The prius is a nice car, no doubt. However the Smart is miles ahead in looks. The Smart is nearly half the weight of the Prius and personally I wonder about the green effects of building and recyling a huge battery. For me a nice, little 40 mpg 4wheel scooter is the answer. I'm so hooked I have reserved 3 more for my company. At 4 dollars a gallon, I expect many companies will want to be smart.
My husband was wondering if when we sell our house we can convince people that our two-car garage is really a four-car garage because it will hold four Smarts.
Contrary to popular propaganda, hybrids are not "green" cars. A Smart is actually greener. As long as there is no environmentally-friendly way to dispose of the batteries, hybrids could be a detriment to the environment. In addition, the cost of them is prohibitive for a lot of people, and, if you travel long distances, you are running mostly on gas anyway. The mileage on hybrids has been seriously skewed.

Those who are promoting hybrids may eat their words when, down the road, people are screaming loudly as they start replacing those hybrid batteries at megabucks.


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