I have had my blue & silver Smart passion cab for almost one mopnth & I love it. Actually had the top down last weekend (with the heat blasting).
Anyway, I wondering what's going on with the gas gauge. When I fill up the car, the gauge never reads a full tank (until the next morning). Is this a problem with all smarts & can it be fixed?

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My 'Egg' has been doing this as well. Although it isn't with every fill up. It does seem to resolve itself eventually and read correctly after a couple of gallons. Very odd. I plan on putting a call in to the dealership next month when my list of quirks is ready. Not that this helps you with a fix, but now you know you aren't alone.
well 10,000 miles and dont remember ever noticing that
No problem with mine. The first gallon tends to stay "stuck" for a bit - e.g. it won't show any change until I put on 60 - 75 miles, then settles down. So far two fillups - first was 38 mpg and the second an even 40.0!!! Houston driving including some freeway.

I have filled up twice and this has happened both times to me. I thought it odd but not serious enough to worry about.
Mine is the same. Even though you are told not to top off the tank, after the pump shuts off there is still room for about .8 gallons of gas and that brings the gauge to full.
My dealer told me that this is an issue, and that "it works itself out" eventually. Apparently, the gas sensor needs several tanks to set itslef properly.
Actually writting this message from the dealership. They tell me that the gas gauge is a known problem and is a simple software update. I have also had some odd noises that they are checking out. Only have 1300 miles on it so far.
It is just a software update, you can take it to your dealer and its a quick fix. No worries!!
i have the same problem and i have had my car since november 2008. Everytime I fill up it never registers full.


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