Seems one of the most popular questions posed to a SC owner is "What happens if you get hit by a semI?".
My thinking is: "We are all in deep trouble when hit by a semi, no matter what we drive."
So that is a real dumb question.

Any good answers?

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My answer?
My other ride is a Harley.
That usually shuts em up. They just assume at that point that I don't care about being safe.
A semi what? I like to say that my wife will be very well off. And what happens if both of you get hit? The children will be even more well off. I grew up in Los Angeles and I have 281k on my old toyota, and if I were afraid of getting hit by anything, I'd never go outside.

What is that quote from Thoreau about never having lived? You can "what if" yourself to death and never have a moments enjoyment.
When I drove the old VW lovebug back in the 70's (it was my first car :), I never ever got the attention nor did I get asked that question. And the Smart Car is so much more crash worthy! I am incredibly surprised how complete strangers approach me in regards to the Smart and ask "What happens when you get hit by a semi?" I ride a mountain bike on roads and have never been asked that question. People are weird!
One person I spoke to told me they answer like this:

'Well, first I would make sure we're not obstructing traffic. Then I'd get out and check on the driver of the semi, make sure I don't need to call him/her an ambulance or anything. We'd then do the usual - exchange information, insurances, etc. Finally, I'll walk around to the back and get that "How's my driving" number off the rear door and make that my first call as I drive off the scene!"

Hey Just got mine and have been ask that over a hundred times so far!!!!
My anwer is I work for the ME office (in which I really do) and they know to bring the vacuum clearner.
That shuts them up.
Then they ask where I'm going to put the bodies when I pick the up, I say on top on my smartie!!!!
Dumb people make me laugh!!!!!!!


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