I have put my name on the list but would like input as to which is the best
smart to buy. I decided that the base model wasn't for me as I wanted some of the creature comforts

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Hi, I have two Smarts, take my advise. Buy them fully loaded, you will love it. The options are not that expencive. Trade up to Smart!
I chose the Cabriolet and it is the best choice for me. It's a little bit louder on the freeway with the top up then the hardtop but so nice to be able to take the top down. All the options included...well worth the small price.
Thank you
I chose the Passion. Some of my concerns with the Cabriolet vs. the Passion?
With the soft top of the Cabriolet all it takes is a knife to cut it and break in. Someone can break glass with a Passion but it takes a lot more effort.
I felt the somewhat hard top of the Passion seemed to be safer than the softer top of the Cabriolet in case of an accident.
And what if I get caught out in one of our infamous Texas hail storms with hail the size of golf balls, baseballs or even bigger? I can imagine it would rip through the soft top of the Cabriolet. The hard top of the Passion stands a much better chance.
Another moving part is another part that has the potential to malfunction.
And as some have mentioned there does tend to be more road noise with the Cabriolet versus the Passion.

But those that have the Cabriolet sure seem to tout how much fun it is to put the top back.
For everyone its different. Do you have a motorcycle?, Is this your primary car? Do you live in an area with break ins? Is it cold 9 months of the year? I went with the passion. Like everything but its name.
I just heard my smart is in. Has everyone paid list, or is there negotiation in the final price? Thanks,
I Got my Smart Passion three weeks ago. I recommend the Passion but get the car with the confort package. Pwr steering comes with it. I am use to auto on/off headlights, and the manual turning on/off gets annoying. Also it gives you the heated seats with leather. I made one mistake in ordering my Smart. I got the beige interior with the Silver paint/black tridion. Exterior looks great, beige interior goes well with and looks ok but it is a course fabric that will stain really quick. I have water spots on the seat from opening the door and exiting in the rain.

Fog lights are a must for night visibility.
If you listen to music often get the upgraded stereo with the speaker package. I have the base model stero and the speakers are a bit flat.

Last suggestion.
Alarm. I got it but the opening and closing of the door with remote and setting of the alarm sets off a one or three annoying beeps. I'm looking into whether the dealer can turn that function off in the computer. The locking sound is audible enough to confirm that the doors looked. I would avoid the alarm option.

I drive allot and already have 750miles in less than three weeks on the car. I have 2 fillups of 36 and 38 mpg using Air Cond and not trying for best milage. This tank is looking close to mid 40's mpg because I wanted to see what it was capable of and have spent the week trying to max milage, so no ac, slower starts and coasting to a intesection. Most of my driving is on open county road mstly well paved so I can minimize the stop and go of the city traffic.

I agree with the other discussion on the cabrio. My persective is I bought it because of economy and its safe design, and a convertable seems to defeat the purpose. Noise would also be an issue for me. I listen to alot of music.

Plan on taking more time to get to your destinations. So many people want to talk to you about your car. Today I picked up a pizza and three people followed me to the car and had to ask 100 questions as my pizza got cold.

Good luck with your choice and be patient, it is worth the wait!

I ordered the cabriolet. I love convertibles. I don't buy into the safety factor of hardtops vs convertibles. I've never stepped on a beetle that survived, exoskeleton and all. I also drive a scooter, so I consider a smart42 a tank.
Thank you I got an email after I posted that I shouldn't use this sight for that question. I think I will go with a loaded Passion I have another convertible.

Thanks so much

Get every option they offer and get the convertible. The convertible system works great. Maybe a little more wind noise above 65 but that's about it.

For the other comments below. I like the little beeps on the alarm so I know it armed. But then I am a little hard of hearing so listening for the lock to click does not work for me.

The only option I didn't get was the extra gauges. Thought I would miss the Tach but find I drive in auto mode everywhere and really don't need the tach. It shifts better in auto than you can by manual. That coming from someone who has driven manuals for 35 years.

My wife likes the heated seats and I find the leather to be pretty durable. It has a vented back pad so you don't cook to the seat.

So far I love both cars. One red and black and one white and black. The white and black looks really sharp to me. Have a blue and black on order so I can be red, white and blue.

Above 75 on a busy freeway it is a little ghostie. I ride road bikes cross country and find it fills a little like passing a truck on a full dresser Harley.
I had originally wanted the Cabriolet, but then I test drove one in Santa Fe, NM. The retractable top was broken, and the demo team said it couldn't be fixed any time on their tour. It's too hot in the summer where I live to have a top down and, of course, too cold in the winter. I'll have to drive 100 miles to my dealer, and I don't want any mechanical problems if I can avoid them. So I ordered the Passion with all the extras and hope to get it within the next 90 days.
You need the Cabrio, it is twice as much the fun as the spam can


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