Tail of the Dragon rally
Greetings, all. I am trying to set up a local weekend on the Tail of the Dragon, and would like some feedback about interest in such an event. The event would be in the fall, probably the end of September/early October (assuming we can get reservations, etc).

Please let me know if you are interested, and spread the word. This is not to be confused with the larger (projected) rally that will be getting under-way soon for spring 2010.

For those that do not know what the Tail of the Dragon is, it is a stretch of road (US 129) running from NC to Tn - 11 miles, 318 curves (official count), and is a hot-spot for bikers and car clubs. The area is gorgeous, and should make for a fun weekend.

We could also do this as a one-day thing - leave Charlotte (or where-ever) early in the morning, drive to the gap (Deal's Gap), do the Dragon, do a picnic lunch, and come back in the evening. I am open to both ways, though the one-day makes for a long day for some of us (myself included).

Feedback, show of interest, etc. all welcome. Spread the word.

If we have enough interest, we can set the date, and get things moving.


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Gary - I'd be interested. I used to live close to the Shenandoah Valley in VA, and have not had the benefit of "nature's Fall fireworks" in many years, since moving to the NC Piedmont. Please keep us posted on NC smarts - thanx!
I live in Townsend (Blount County) TN, A few miles from the northern start of "The Tail of The Dragon". Believe me it's a fun ride. We have driven it in all four seasons. Each is outstanding. Also great barbeque at Deal's Gap. Pictures are of Little TN River Overlook and the lodge.
Awesome. I am setting the preliminary date to be September 26/27, but will have to firm that up relatively shortly.

Frank, if you are in touch with anyone else in Tenn., please pass the word - this doesn't have to be restricted to Carolinas folks (I already have two from Florida wanting to come up too)

Greetings from Knoxville Tennessee!

We are in the process of organizing a smart group in Tennessee and I bet we would have a lot of folks that would like to particiate in this event since this is in our "backyard". Keep us posted.

Kristin Gracy
smart center Knoxville
See if you can get a head count of folks interested, and whether they would want to go for a weekend, or just a day. That way, I can start working with local hotels, etc. on reservations.

Gary - It sounds like a great idea, I would love to attend. I can do either a day trip, or a overnight trip, which ever the group decides. I would encourage you to set a date quickly, because that area becomes very busy during that time of the year. I am including a link to the local web site, they have a calendar that list the activities for the year, it will quickly fill up. Please keep us posted.............Rick
Set the date and we will try to be there. We have Senior Games the last week of September in Raleigh but other than that we can go.
We are shooting for the weekend of Sep 26/27 (last weekend in September). I plan to discuss this more at our breakfast meeting on the 21st, and I should know more then.
Okay, we have set the date - the weekend of September 26. If you are interested, please go to http://DigitalGreenman.com/totd.html for more information.

A preliminary itinerary has been posted on the site. If you plan to go, please review this, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Gary: Please put us on the list to be notified about this event. While we're in Illinois most of the time, we have a place outside Knoxville and we'd love to make the drive toward Charlotte to meet up with the group and join the festivities. Thanks, Alan & Margaret
We would love to have you attend. I don't often get over to this site - I spend most of my time at the SCOA site. But to keep as current as anyone (myself included, for the most part), check in on the event site:

Hope to see you there!


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