Tail of the Dragon rally
Greetings, all. I am trying to set up a local weekend on the Tail of the Dragon, and would like some feedback about interest in such an event. The event would be in the fall, probably the end of September/early October (assuming we can get reservations, etc).

Please let me know if you are interested, and spread the word. This is not to be confused with the larger (projected) rally that will be getting under-way soon for spring 2010.

For those that do not know what the Tail of the Dragon is, it is a stretch of road (US 129) running from NC to Tn - 11 miles, 318 curves (official count), and is a hot-spot for bikers and car clubs. The area is gorgeous, and should make for a fun weekend.

We could also do this as a one-day thing - leave Charlotte (or where-ever) early in the morning, drive to the gap (Deal's Gap), do the Dragon, do a picnic lunch, and come back in the evening. I am open to both ways, though the one-day makes for a long day for some of us (myself included).

Feedback, show of interest, etc. all welcome. Spread the word.

If we have enough interest, we can set the date, and get things moving.


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I live in Niota, Tn - right outside of Athens, Tn. I'm very interested in joining ya'll for the Tail of the Dragon ride. I own property in Marble, NC, so I'll go on to my place after the run. I've always to run the 'Tail' and this would be a great way to do it. I'll be looking forward to seeing killboy's pics of all the smarts doing the curves : )
Will the Tail ride start in Tn or NC?
Greetings, Sue. All the current information, including a preliminary itinerary, are on the event site:
http://DigitalGreenman.com/totd.html. Since the event will center around the hotel in Robbinsville, we will start the ride on the NC side.
I haven't yet done the Dragon yet, so I only have a general idea of the amount of time it takes to run it (and everything, of course, depends on trafic - car/bike and Semi), but based on the proposed itinerary, you can probably extrapolate when we would reach the turn-around point, and join us there.
I would ask that, if you plan to join us, you go to the site and register - there is no fee (at this point), and more than likely, there won't be an event-specific fee. Just costs for stuff like t-shirts and stickers, etc., and if I can arrange for a place large enough, for a dinner Sat. night.
Hope to see you there!
Count us in! We've lived here since '97 and have never been on the 'Tail'. We're really looking forward to this, especially in max. That will be too cool to see all us smarts on the tail. I know Killboy will take great shots of all of us. Even though we live in Tennessee, we have land in Marble and will stay there the night before. Keep us posted : )


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