Thanks to the two Smart Car owners who participated in the King William parade in San Antonio recently.    We appreciate you "carrying the Smart Car flag" in such visible events.

= = =

I am enjoying my screaming yellow Zonkers Smart Car daily and am getting a lot of questions during my gasoline station refills.    They all ask, "...and how many miles per gallon to you get with this Smart Car?"    


= = =


By the way, in addition to sipping fuel to the tune of over 40 miles per U.S. gallon, my screaming yellow Zonkers Smart Car draws substantial attention and admiration during this period of gasoline passing the $4 a gallon mark very soon.


= = =


Lastly, I am reporting that it is true that the screaming yellow Zonkers Smart Car does indeed have a 94 mph electronic speed limiter.    You ought to see silver Porsches, red Ferraris, white Corvettes, and black Lambos stare in astonishment as you zip by them at speed!      By the way, on a nice, fairly steep down hill stretch at 94 mph, you can put it in neutral and gather up several more mph!


= = =




Bruce Mabrito Motorsports....

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