Hi all,

  I have yet to figure out how to make the delayed charging work.  Has anyone figured it out?

The manual says that you select the depart time, then select on/off for the air conditioning, and plug it in.

No matter how many different ways I try to select the settings, my car always starts charging immediately when I plug it in.

Example:  My car is at 60% SOC.  I get home at 6pm.  I'm not leaving until the next morning (and my power company charges me less for electricity in the middle of the night).  So, I set the depart time for 5am, hoping that charging won't start until about 2am.  I plug in the car with my Chargepoint wall-mounted charger (220-volt).  But, instead it starts charging right away and is done charging before I even go to bed.

I thought it might be my charger, but I called Chargepoint and they assured me that there is no issue with the charger.  And, to make it interesting, I actually DID get it to work ONCE a few months ago, but I don't know what I did differently to make it work.

HELP!  Has anyone figured it out?

Thanks!  -Mindy

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Not sure, i drive my ED quite a bit so i plug in multiple times a day. But i heard some of the functions on the app dont work too well. I barely use the app as well.

Aha.  I haven't tried the app.  I have the app, but don't really use it.  Maybe I should try the app.

But, I was talking about the function on the car itself.  The setting is called "Charge and Depart" on the dashboard.  You select a departure time, or you can select "Charge Now"

Anyway, maybe somebody else has tried it and got it to work?

I have encountered exactly the same problem. Have asked the dealer for some help - if I hear anything, will post immediately!


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