Last year we met at the Greene Leafe (4345 New Town Ave., Williamsburg, VA 23188). Great food! After lunch we traveled on the Jamestown-Scotland ferry to College Run Farms to pick strawberries and have ice cream. We had a good deal of fun last year and looking forward seeing more Smarties this year.
All smarties throughout this planet are welcomed.
If it rains, we can still have lunch and take the ferry boat over and back.

Date is April 28 for this year's event, 11:30ish at the Greene Leafe.

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Art, the lunch/strawberry picking is listed as being on May 12 (see "events") not April 28. Which is correct?


April 28 is correct, 11:00 but if you can't make it til 11:30 we'll still be there for sure. The ferry leaves as soon as it's full so there's no chance of missing it, two ferries run continuously.

Will be there on the 28th  May have a group coming from Va. Beach.


  Hello Art,

Does anyone know how the head lamps are adjusted, especially the high beams.  My left one is up in the trees and there doesn't seem to be any adjustment possible on any on the head lights.


Frank Shaffer

I started by marking with masking tape on the garage door where the lights were currently aimed. The upper cutoff is quite sharp, and the bright spot easy to see.

Each light assembly has a single 6mm Allen socket in the top, in white plastic. Stick your Allen wrench in there and turn it clockwise for beams down, counterclockwise for beams up. It's easy to do it one handed while holding the hood up out of the way with the other hand.

Photos for the left and right lights, showing the wrench in the adjuster.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image.

Copied from SCOA

Hello again Art,

The head lamp adjustment works only on the low beams.  I can only locate two points to adjust.  My left high beam is in the trees and doesn't come down at all.  Is it a dealer issue?  Do you have a shop manual?  Drop me your home phone # and I'll call you.


Frank Shaffer


find a

smart center



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