Who paid list price and who didn't?
Has anyone bought an "orpan" without any extra dealer installed options?

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We got a 2009 orphan that ended up costing less than the one we ordered. Our Passion came FULLY LOADED for $16,000. The car we originally ordered was a little under $16,000 with just a stereo upgrade and alarm. By getting the orphan in 2008 we didn't have to pay the new $400.00 price increase.
I had nothing weird added to my orphan smart car. It came with fog lamps, heated seats, power steering cabrio, and a nice sound system that is adaquate for my 66 year old ears. I was watching for anything padded on the bill, and it was not there. This was from Smart at Lincolnwood Illlinois.
Yes I have bought an orphan. It had 3 dealer installed options, Powder coated wheel covers, tinted windows and Alpine stereo. I had the dealer REPLACE the wheel covers and the stereo with ORIGINAL wheel covers and radio.

Fred Eaton Ohio
I paid list price, but then again, mine was an 09 and I got it 14 days after the new year started. :)
I paid list for my 09, but it was a cash-4-clunkers orphan. Cabriolet, with full options pretty much.
Yup, I paid list on 3/5/20008.


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