Who paid list price and who didn't?
Has anyone bought an "orpan" without any extra dealer installed options?

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Yes i did.............my SMART is a Passion .......total from factory $ 16,645.00
I paid list as well.
I bought an orphan and paid exactly what was on the sticker ,the dealer didn't add a single thing,I bought 1 year additional warranty for 395.00 ,I bought a passion coupe with comfort package metalic silver paint,silver tridion and upgraded sterio , I paid around 15,800 plus delivery
Wow, that is great. The dealer I found adds a very special window tinting (although it is really just a film) and lojack to every orphan.
Lowjack is $595. The window tinting is: %597. Yikes!
Where did you get yours?

ordered mine one year early, one of the first to arrive. 2/ 20/ 08 . paid $14951.00 Passion Yellow / black.
Me too! Our Bloomington dealer doesn`t add all the crap other folks have gotten stuck with.
Wow, I guess I got a deal by paying sticker-they wouldn't haggle!. Got just what I ordered, a Pure w/ panoramic option & airconditioning - that's it. I ordered (and purchased) a Pure, but the logo on the side of my smart says "passion." Didn't have any wierd upgrades. Cost was 13,965, I think that included delivery.
After turning down about 7 maxed out orphans, we got an orphan passion coupe at sticker from Smart of Lindon in Utah. Also, we still have rights to the one we ordered due in Dec. 08 Roy
i got mine at list price. Reserved in March 2007, delivered January 23, 2008 during the first week of deliveries. The early bird gets the best price!
I just bought an orphan. I paid the same price as the one I ordered but got a ton of extras and saved the $400.00 fee they are adding starting January. I think I saved about $2,000.00 by getting the orphan. My dealer seems to be honest. However, I did hear that many dealers do add options to up the price.
List price in Jacksonville on Saturday 12-6.
My delivery was made with no surprises. I paid exactly what I expected to pay, including all the taxes, fees, and the dealer's "doc fees". There were no other hidden charges in my sale, and I was pleased with the experience.


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