I wanted to put together a sMUG scavenger hunt and/or road rally in May or June time frame. Having never put one together, I'm looking for information on how to do it. Maybe some type of step by step guide. I have found a couple of things online but you have to buy the book. And I do have a couple of ideas but need to really want do it right.

I thought this would be a great way to "kick-off" the summer!

When danger calls, help is one super away!
Mr. Incredible

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What an awesome idea! I'd love to help. Unfortunately, I have never done one myself. Let me see if I can dig up anything, but count us IN! :)
With the help of Mrs. Incredible, she sent me an email about road rally links. I now think I can come up with a smart Road Rally. And to top it off I figured out a clever way to start the rally BEFORE getting there.

There will be a starting point (unknown) and an ending point (restaurant) with things to find or do along the way. Everything will have a point value so that we can determine an overall winner. Did you notice I have the starting point as "unknown"? What I am going to do is use the smart USA insider's website and post pictures with clues to find the starting point of the rally. But if you can't figure it out I will be releasing my phone number so you can call and find where to start.

Over the next 2 weeks I hope I can come up with a decent road rally. My goal was for it to be about 5 hrs of time. (0.5 - 1.0 hour at start; 2.0 - 2.75 hours of rally; 2 hrs at restaurant)

So what do you think? I thought about doing the rally on a Saturday late afternoon/evening. And the clues, puzzles and hunts will be "smart" related.

When danger calls, help is one super away!
Mr. Incredible
This sounds like fun, let us know about it too. Cheryl from Harper Woods


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