I’m putting this out to field any interest in a trip to the Ballpark. Saturday, August 8th, is Jimmy Buffet Night for the Lansing Lugnuts, 7:05 game time. We can get Smart Car enthusiasts’ from both sides of the state together for Baseball, Buffet and fireworks. If we can get 20 or more interested in attending, we can just place the order, and the Lugnut staff will take care of the arrangements from there.

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Baseball is an outdoor sport in this part of the country, hope for the best. We'll be at the Corner Bar tonight at least we'll get a road trip out of it.
We'll come - mostly out of respect to Mike & Carol for making this happen and buying the tickets. It's a long way from Saginaw just for a drink. We appreciate the effort
we are using this as a start to a long week-end so we are commited. we are going to the Corner Bar (FYI - Rain is very spotty for the evening according to the weather - we may get the game in too.)
See ya at the Corner Bar!
We'll still be at D-19 exit at 4:30 to drive out together. :)
The weather radar is starting to look better. I am still planning on driving over.

Sandy, Billo has decided not to come, but I'll still try to meet you at D19

Sorry we had to bail on you guys, but there were other factors at play...not just the weather.

Mike & Carol: If there is a rainout, count us in next time. Also, I hope you got the ticket money I sent to you. After all, you're not responsible for the weather (are you??). I sure don't want to leave you hanging.

Billo, Karen & ITIBITI
I had a fantastic time! Thank you very much Mike & Carol for putting this event together. Even though the Lugnuts were having a tough time scoring runs, it was a nice night at the old ball park. Oh, and not a single raindrop while we were there.
Mike & Carol - THANK YOU for arranging such a fun night! George and I really had a great time! The weather turned out great- despite rain the entire day. The Lugnuts were not so hot, but we still had fun! Great to see everyone!!!! :)
Carol and I would like to thank all the sMUG members, who were able to join us last night. The weather cooperated but the performance of the Lugnuts left a lot to be desired. Last night gives us a place to start for our next Night at the ?. Thanks again, we enjoyed the time together. Hope to see a lot of sMUG members in Flint on the 13th.
Larry & I thank you for putting this together. It was a lot of fun. We're looking forward to the next outing - unfortunately this weekend is busy, as is the Tunnel of Trees - we really wanted to do that - but have to be at a wedding in KY>
Thanks for the pics - it was a fun night.

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