I have noticed a great improvement in removing spam and spammers fast, this started in the last week of March 2010. To the admins, THANK YOU for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Since having a ongoing dialogue is the key to a great social web site, please post any questions you have for the admins here.


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How many people are admins for susai?

Please detail what exactly how and what needs to be included in a report to Admin on suspected spammers.

I use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of the site; select topic of "spam"; then include the name of suspected spammer and sometimes what they are spamming.

I agree, the turnaround has been great.
Can some of the "screaming" blogs and stupid blogs be removed? I hate wading through them for something worthwhile to read. Thanks! :)
define "screaming" and "stupid" in your perspective.

We have an American right to voice opinions, so defining and monitoring a subjective perspective or routing these to a venting site or even deleting them may be challenging unless there is blatent violation of the site's terms of agreement. The outcome of any venting/idea may or may not create change. If no attention is paid to a post, then the post/idea goes nowhere. I wonder how many threads have not been touched for over a year? Maybe archive those, but if one were to keyword search, then the thread may reappear.

This is a fine and very difficult line in any social forum: one person's opinion over another. At least on this forum the owner of the blog/discussion can set a screen for the postings before they are officially posted that may help and also can potentially alienate some members.

IMHO, this is one of the most challenging and sensitive areas on any social forums.

'nuf serious stuff said.... so glad to see someone else being honest and willing to voice for a change. Do you think the terms of agreement need to be revised related to this topic? If so, what would you change?

Jan in West U said:
Can some of the "screaming" blogs and stupid blogs be removed? I hate wading through them for something worthwhile to read. Thanks! :)
Ah, yes. My definition of screaming is when the post is in ALL CAPS AND THE FONT IS HUGE and asks a question that is answered (many times) in FORUM under nuts and bolts.

I guess I've been on susai too long (2008), know most everything about my smart that has come up by doing a "search" on the topic, and maybe my age (58) is shortening my tolerance level! Ha! My request is "just a thought" and a personal opinion.

Thanks GetSmrt28277!
the all caps/over size font issue...not sure of a solution for that, other than a function/site programming that would give a pop-up to validate the intent is to send the message in all caps and provide a warning this may be interpreted as shouting; the over size font issue can be solved by limiting the size of the font in the messages; both also would save space on the servers, if that is a concern to the administrators.

"Search" : noted there is a search function each of the main page sections except the main page; only brings up the search results in that particular sections. What about a search feature that will bring up all keyword/phrase results from blogs, events, groups, forum.....?

Example: keyword "National"

Blogs: 7 results
Events: 4 results
Forum: 38 results
Videos: 0 results
Polls: no search feature
Groups: 23 results
Photos: 12

one search should bring up the above.
Something to ponder on....
I love the broader search option idea! In fact, I just like the way you think!
thanks. nothing will change unless there is contribution and discussion.

Jan in West U said:
I love the broader search option idea! In fact, I just like the way you think!
I agree that the posts with 'CAP LOCK" on, are annoying. I think a Permanent 'How to Post' on the main page might help teach newbies that have little web experience on what 'shouting' is.

Another Admin question: Why isn't there more response from 'y'all' on this forum?

I reported lots of "members" with runonname in lower case that have no information and ABOUT ME says N/A. Some "body" must have been up late one night having fun and creating fake members.

My questions is why have I reported them and they are still not removed?

Jan in West U
I've notice an enormous amount of "new members" still showing up that appear to be bogus. I've asked some of the runonnamedones to be my friend and have gotten no reply. That makes me believe they are fake. Has anyone else tried to contact some of them and received a reply?


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