Have you been on the susai chat yet? If so do you participate or just read it. What do you like about it or dislike? Are there any features you think it should have? 


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The more the chat is used, the easier you get to know the people who are willing to chat. Even if just reading the topic of the day and not posting anything. I learn something new on most days from those willing to take the time to share.
I don't use it and show myself as off line every time I log on.

I've noticed the 'chat' is like a forum in 'real time'.  GS is right, when the few folks that use it, they can get personal with people, when I look at the the chat. It is because I happen to be on the Main page. I don't click on the 'button bar' at the top of the sUSAi pages. Sometimes if am right in front of the computer, I hear the 'chat beep' and scroll to the bottom of the page to see what's up and sometimes it prompts me to talk to someone. When I have in the past It felt like the discussion helped me 'know more' and get a personal connection to the other smart owners and I also have learned a few things that the forum and blogs don't reveal.


Another thing that GetSmrt points out is good. The topic of the day. There really is no official T.O.D., there should be one and smartUSA should be in chat and stimulating interaction (and all of sUSAi for that matter). They are doing that on their facebook page, but not here. The only interaction from them is reacting to spam issues and the here's our latest corporate announcement from the boss. 


It is interesting that the chat automatically shows a list of who's on sUSAi  at any given time, you might see a friend or someone that posted something, a photo, video, topic, or blog that you responded to. It's gives you a chance to be more personal with them. Another thing that chat 'prompts' me to do is click on the persons name  in the 'chat list' on the right of the chat box. That takes me to their 'My Page' and (if they have it on the page) I get to see where they come from, what smart they have, it's color etc. Then, I find that we may have common interests and again I have another reason to chat or otherwise communicate. It's funny, I have even seen new 'spammers' when they sign up and watch them while they do their evil deeds. They never use chat. lol


Sometimes I do like Jan and do the offline thing to turn off the chat beep to not get distracted by it (it can be like a phone, and I am not one to 'run to the phone' every time it rings).


Sadly, only a few users know chat is there for us, how to use it or what benefit it offers us.  It doesn't help that it is at the very bottom of the main page and every time we get a new 'scoop message' from smartUSA it gets pushed farther down 'below the fold'. 


I just thought of two more things. I usually leave my laptop on and my web browser open and I may have a couple sUSAi pages (tabs) open. So people might see me as online in the chat list. Of course the computer is, but I'm not, lol. I have been out of the house, even out of state and opened up sUSAi and find I was 'online'.


The other thing is, that as the people chat, it adds everyones comments and you can scroll back and see what you missed. but it resets and clears daily so anything like links and info disappear. It's too bad things like that don't get attached to a 'links' list on your My Page. Kinda like it does with facebook.


This long winded reply ought to be a blog post, but I'm going to leave it here.


MJB  (funny, this topic/post has about the same usage as our chat room. lol)

Excellent. I'm online - let's chat! HA!


I'm also on facebook. How are you listed there? p/m me so it's not here.

I have entered the chat a number of times.  Most of the time, no one is chatting and if I make a comment or ask a question, no one replied.  I see that the chat feature is now gone.  It would be nice to be able to chat with other owners and share experiences, etc.

Julia put it back up. I don't know if chat will catch on with most of the sUSAi users. Perhaps it should be higher up the page.



I've noticed chat conversations will stay up for days. The used to be deleted at the end of the day. Not so much any more.

Jan, the overnight reset was changed by Eric (I think). Meanwhile, Ning is getting near 'updating/improving' the chat feature. Hopefully it will be better. Still, having it at the bottom of the main page keeps it hidden from most folks. He has a new person as Admin. Named Erik I believe. Watch for more posts like these:

blog list smartUSA admin.


Discussion List

It would be better if the chat was in a 'crawl'  somewhere above the fold, then people may get familiar and start using it.  Some time there doesn't seem to be many people using sUSAi, it would be nice to have a 'online' status on the pages so we could see all the people on sUSAi then we could 'chat them up'. 







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