I have noticed that a few members are new to the use of our smartUSA provided web site and even some long timers don't know about some features.. So this Forum Thread is for us more savvy users to point out and show our fellow members how to get even more benefit from susai and have more fun as well.


Generally susai is easy to use, but there are a lot of things a member can do here besides 'just' browsing around by clicking on things. 


Have you used the search boxes? Did you find what you were looking for? No? Well, the search in susai is different than our favorite Google. It can't fix typing errors or pick out all the places your keyword might be in. Lets say you want to find a friend. There are many ways to do it, but your results are different depending on which search box you use. 


There's a bar on the page for each of the links (buttons) up top for:


                           members  blogs  events  forum   videos  groups   photos


There's a box at the very top right of each page for searching as well.


BUT, the search is choosy in where and how it searches. try searching for spiceJax in each box and every result is different and not all occurrences of spiceJax will come up. Try MJB, do you get more?

Try NJ or New Jersey (looking for a club or for members from New Jersey) the box in groups comes up with - No results were found for 'New Jersey'. There are five groups with NJ or New Jersey in groups. The moral here is, if you want to find some things you might have to look through many pages of the section. Search for susai needs to be updated to a better system, this maybe a problem that Ning must fix.  


For now I suggest trying varying the keyword to find more items. I'll be posting more on search later.


Meanwhile, post your experiences with search here.



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For a long time I did not know Chat was on the main page. Now there is a link in the header with the others. I like it.
I search for "Houston" under MEMBERS to invite to folk to our Houston smart car Club. I don't always get what I want, but I am persistent in looking.


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