What do you want on the main page? Is it where you spend your time most or do you hover on other pages?


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Hi insiders, we just added social media icons to the main page. What do you think? We've begun tweeting and updating Facebook more often and be on the look out for new videos added to the YouTube channel :)
Make the 'social media' buttons smaller and put it in the header or nav bar, give more room to the basics like:
Latest Activity, blog box, discussion box etc

Also try to make 'above the fold' items more concise, they are way too big and take up too much space.

Main page:
Issue: Latest activity:only most recent 4 are seen. (I understand this may be a "ning" issue)
Link: keep the most recent; add a link for a one stop view to see all comments for the day and/or when last visited the site; bolded if unread.
Solution: easy access to review the hot topics at the time.
Issue: function/purpose with page above the fold (also may be a ning issue)
I agree the top is not very functional and is showy: this is what I see opening the page:

1/3 of the page is the susai header: yellow line to yellow line
Welcome banner "Welcome to smart USAinsider, ..." is a little less than a 1/3 of the page
the remainder is (left ot right) the "connect" (to facebook, twitter...), "the scoop from smartUSA", " box with my user name (sign out: inbox, alerts, Friends...), top of latest activity. that's it.

There is nothing on this part of the site that changes daily/frequently to keep me interested. I have to go looking for it; after I scroll through the main page...I either leave the site or search for an important-to-me-topic I was tracking.

Suggestion: My member box: "recent activity" link to my groups/topics/blogs/events that I have recently commented on, joined or requested to track the activity. I can keep up with the issues that are important to me.

Changes are important. Very active topics and smart-related news are important.

I'll start at the above-the-fold section for now.

I know I can add a "follow" on a blog and receive an email in my personal email; discussion on this follow tag can be saved for another topic to review by this user group.
I seldom stop on the main page. I go directly to my club or events page. If I'm bored, I'll look at the main page.
Put the Blog 'Box' back on the main page please.



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