Anyone had any trouble with their Brabus getting a bent rear wheel?  I've had my rear passenger side wheel repaired 3 times and I sure wish someone would have STRONGLY encouraged me to buy tire and wheel protection when I bought the car.


Looking for a replacement wheel that isn't $750.00 like the ones sold at the dealership cost.

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how are they getting bent?



They're 19 inch wheels that are very low profile.  If they go at all low on air any bump in the road will bend them.
Do you have a Brabus?

Thefley said:

how are they getting bent?



No I don't have the Brabus


Maybe you can find something on this site,

Have you checked on SCOA ( in their marketplace?  There are some wheels and tires listed there. I don't know if any are for the Brabus.
guess thats a mod you don't want on a car on Tulsa streets!
Thanks, you guys.  I'll check it out right now

I have replaced one of my Brabus front wheels and six rear wheels!  Bet I have a record due to the roads up here in the northeast!


Wow.  Bad design on the Brabus edition. Sometimes looking cool isn't the best idea when it costs $750.00 every time there is a problem!

Hey Smart girl!  Long time no see.


My little black Brabus has almost 32,000 miles and I have not had any problems, despite doing all kinds of hard driving with it.  I am tempted to say you got a defective wheel from the factory. Let me know how this turns out.


Stay safe!




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