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I've been a smart owner since
February 2, 2008
I've been a smart reservation holder since
January 1, 2007
My smart's name


Hello my fellow Smarties.
Well, I feel compelled to make a comment about an article a reporter did in the Boston Globe. I was one of the first Smart owners in the region and founded the first Smart car club in New England and thus got interviewed for the article.

HOWEVER (!) ... I was VERY misquoted by the reporter!
I would give him a piece of information - and he only used a portion of that to twist the facts. I already have a reply to that in to the Boston Globe - but wanted my fellow Smarties to know the truth.

1) Reporter stated I said the car was unstable in winds
NO! He asked if there were any areas that were windy
I SAID: "Well, on I-495, between Franklin and Bellingham, there is somewhat of a 'windtunnel' because of the way the road is cut through the trees. JUST LIKE MY BIG VAN, ... Any car feels the wind there and one has to be careful"

NOTE: I did NOT say the Smart was "unstable" in wind

2) Reporter stated I said I was worried about buying an Edsel
NO! He asked what it was like being one of the first in the area.
I SAID: (and I was laughing by the way) Well, at first I didn't see Any around ... and other people would ask me if I was worried about buying an Edsel. I explained to the reporter that the REASON there were not many around for several months was LOGICAL! There were not many Smart technicians yet, and the cars required dealer prep before being released to the owners. There was a bit of a backlog on this ... thus it took a while before I saw more Smarties. But that was justifiable.

NOTE: I did NOT say the car was an Edsel.

3) He made a comment about a clown car.
NOTE: I told him my husband is 6'4" tall (100's of you have seen him at many, many road rallies, etc.)
The reporter said it must look like he stepped out of a clown car.
I said NO! he had Lots of headroom in the car.

4) The reporter said "she said there is no spare tire"
He didn't finish the sentence I said!
I SAID: there is no spare tire ... because it is a "run flat" type tire already on the car ... AND I even went into great detail about a recent outing where the tech department in Warwick spoke to a group of us about the compressor unit under the passenger foot area and the aerosol can that is hooked into the compressor to aid in driving on that tire, etc.

I took great pains to enthrall the reporter with how Great the Smart car was
I mean - hello - I am a Smartie.

I explained how surprisingly comfortable it is, "I have driven on long trips with this car and the passenger side leg room is amazing ...VERY comfortable. Many Smarties have driven, for example, Florida to New York ... and felt the same"
I even took him for a ride for 20 minutes in it and he agreed.

As far as the reporter alluding to us being attention hogs
I told him some people like blue cars, some yellow ... some like jaunty sports cars, some boxy cars - It is just preference ... think about the world if we all liked the same people, the same food, ... the same cars - How boring a world if we all drove around in the same metal boxes with wheels.

As far as safety
The reporter stated "Travis plunged ahead anyway. "I figured if I get run over by a tractor trailer, it won't matter anyway," she said. "I liked the car's cuteness. To me, safety wasn't the first issue."
I was totally taken out of context!
I spoke to him about the roll-cage and how safe I felt in the car!
I spoke about the great ratings it got last year
He asked me about the new crash tests.
I said I felt the tests were unfair - as ANY car that was hit by a huge vehicle would not have done well. I said "I figure if I get run over by a tractor trailer, it won't matter anyway ... (LEFT OUT PART) if I were in my Dodge Caravan or my Smart car ... "

The reporter wrote: "The Smart Car could also be a passing fad, she muses, notwithstanding its desirable gas mileage"
OMG - no I did not!
I scratched my head on that one for a while to figure out Where he could have gotten that from
All I can think of is that he asked me if people bought the cars for the mileage
I said - "perhaps ... but I bought mine because I fell in love with the look of it when I was in Europe"
He then asked "do you think the car's popularity will/would drop if the gas prices came down?"
I SAID: "I don't think so, people always want a car with good gas mileage. "
Then we talked about availability of the car. I even went as far as saying I thought the car would become MORE popular soon - as some dealerships are starting to Lease them - and the public will see more of the car, become even more interested.
So trust me - I have no Clue where he got that comment from.

I never gave him information about 41 mpg ... in fact I told him about one of the Smarties with a license plate of 43mpg and said "myself? I get about 49 on the highway" ... so he got that figure somewhere else.

I never gave him information about $12,000 - wasn't me

A few things Were correct. He did tell the funny story about my parking job in Harvard Square (smile)

He left out something big to me.
He asked about the Smart Car Club New England - as I suppose that is how he found me to interview.
I took GREAT PAINS to explain that although we were the first and largest group
That I have recently re-vamped the website to show that I'm aimed more now at doing cooperative events, promoting all the clubs in the region - because, hey it saves Me time over running so much ... and now all the local events will benefit as the folks in Vermont will know what is happening in RI and Cape folks will know to plan to attend CT activities, etc.
In fact I even boasted about Dave and Lucille and Brad's events ... but he didn't put that part in.

So, my fellow Smarties ... please know - I took time from a very busy day to speak to this reporter simply BECAUSE I was excited someone was going to do a story on our beloved vehicle ... I spent 2 hours Boasting about the virtues of the car.

My take is that he was trying to make a balanced article and decided to use comments out of context to make it appear so. I have expressed my disdain to the newspaper about it.

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At 10:30am on August 31, 2009, spicejax said…
I just looked at the article. The comments section has quite a bunch of moronic statements by the clueless. Most are whining about safety. I must say, if they drive the way they talk I'm sure they cause more accidents than they prevent. My uncle and his wife was broadsided by a Semi, they were in a Cadillac. They did not survive. You are right, it won't matter what you drive.
At 10:07am on August 31, 2009, spicejax said…
I know how you feel. I had the same "Newspaper" experience way back in 1963. My family's Restaurant was the victim of a robbery and was interviewed by the three major papers and TV stations as well. Only one paper got it right and the others put words in our mouths that we just did not say. The only accurate report was from the Evening Star, which has long since gone out of business. The Washington Post was the worst. I blame the reporters, they must think that the real life stories are just too boring...so they make stuff up. Since the public doesn't demand accuracy, they don't give any. I was 10 years old and I learned back then that it's up to us to find the truth. People that are buying smart cars, aren't sheep, they're smart! Anyway, smarts are a tenth of the size of a Edsel and have and will last for many years. Roger Penske is no fool!
At 7:01am on May 14, 2009, Suzanne said…
Patrice, where can I find the info re the run from Warwick to Lynnfield next month? I'd love to participate in my yellow Smartie if I'm free that weekend.
At 9:40pm on May 11, 2009, Norm Young said…
As one of the first 55 owners in the US (mine is a 2003 with 40K miles) I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the reporting the smart is receiving. With this type of reporting, it is no wonder the paper is indanger of going extinct.
At 10:07am on May 11, 2009, Zipp2001 said…
Hi Einstn !

I had the same issue with the Globe article. I'm George Tessier and first I never said I get off-put by the attention the car gets. I never got into any talk about the ecofeatures of the car, so I don't know where that quote came from. I did state that my daughter doesn't like the attention the car got when she had to use it. The reporter didn't use most of what we talked about and added stuff that we never even spoke about.
At 7:40am on April 21, 2009, Marianne Rothschild said…
thank you!!! see you at the next rally.....Marianne

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