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BoConcept smart

smart partnered with BoConcept to create a special edition vehicle and a unique smart lifestyle collection:

For curious smarties, here's a full list of specs for the BoConcept smart:

Exclusive exterior highlights

  • bodypanel paint finish in matt…

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Engenie light

Thanks Kathy and Gray for the info on my engine light. I told it to the local auto part's store and had the  obm checked. . After I left with the info, I hit a bump and the light went out , go figure. Thanks for the help.

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The ED3 and Eric Angeloro

As all of you know, the smart electric drive will be available for purchase in 2013. You can pre-register here: But there are some special features on this vehicle that make it unique. smart Digital Marketing Specialist, Eric Angeloro, breaks down some of the EV’s lesser known attributes.

December 14 - The ED3 and Me

December 16…


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cityflame specs

smart continues to blaze  new trails with the cityflame.  This special edition is decked out with a black tridion cell, black grille frame, black mirror caps and sleek black 15” BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels. The special ‘flame yellow pearl effect’ body panels  are complemented with an interior that features black leather optic upholstery, matching inlays and contrast stitching in ‘flame yellow.’…


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forstars at the Detroit Auto Show

The forstars concept vehicle continues to turn heads at the Detroit Auto Show. Check out these photos from the event:…


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smart electric drive could be first EV with battery lease in the US

In an interview with Autoblog, Smart USA General Manager Tracey Matura, stated the smart electric drive may be the first electric vehicle in the United States to provide a battery lease:  This would set a precedent for American EVs, addressing the prospective driver’s concern on battery life.

What are your thoughts on the article and the…


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smart sold on Sina Weibo

Chinese drivers can purchase a limited edition “Year of the Snake” smart on their smartphone:

This is one of the first vehicles to be sold over a social network:…


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car2go commercial

Check out car2go’s latest television commercial featuring their signature white and blue smart.:

If you’d like to learn more, check out their website:

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smart Newsletter

Have you seen the smart newsletter? Insiders Russell and Tia Glissmann got a shout out for all their hard work organizing the Nationals ( event.

Sign-up for the newsletter so you don’t miss these special updates:…


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Shiny green and red smart

smarties know that the fortwo offers virtually limitless customization options. Check out one Chinese driver’s take on “endlessly customizeable.”



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sUSAi Request Form Update

smarties are social butterflies by nature. From nationwide meet-ups to Record Breaking stunts, smart drivers connect with each other through owner events. 

We made an update to the sUSAi event’s section:

Use the information when you’re building your invite and let us know what you’re…


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Minnesota smart center

Hello, Insiders. A Minnesota smart center is expected to open in April at 4447 Canal Place SE, Rochester, MN, 55904. It’ll offer sales, service and parts for new and pre-owned smart vehicles.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Update (1/23/2013): For your reference, here is the official press release:…


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Excellent little car

I own a 2013 smart pure, made for me with no frills, options, radio, a/c, nothing but the basic car. And what an excellent little car it is, I'm impressed. I wanted a car for my back and forth commute to work, that's mostly the thruway, 55 to 65+ miles per hour. I was surprised when I found the car gets between 40 and 45 miles per gallon no matter how I drive. My only regret is that I didn't get a radio, but I will.

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The ED3 and Me - Safety

One question I know I have when talking about electric cars in general is how safe are they?  The smart electric drive offers the standard safety features of the gasoline smart such as 8-airbags in the coupe or 6-airbags in the cabriolet, Anti-lock brakes, ESP and the patented tridion safety cell. There are additional safety features that are unique to the electric drive.

The high-voltage on-board system shut-off:

In the event of an accident, the high-voltage on-board electrical…


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The ED3 and Me - Additional Instruments: Charge Level and Power Level Gauge (code V31)

The smart electric drive offers additional instruments or “dashboard pods” just like the gasoline smart fortwo. The difference is the electric drive instruments monitor Power and State of Charge or SOC.  Let’s break it down:

The charge level gauge or State of Charge (SOC) : Displays charge status of the high-voltage battery as a percentage.  When the High-voltage Battery is at reserve, a reserve level message appears in the instrument cluster while the drive system is in…


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The ED3 and Me - A/C Pre-charging

“It’s so hot out there.  I wish I could cool-off my car before I get into it.”  If you find yourself saying this a lot then the smart electric drive is for you.  The “Air conditioning before start” feature allows you to cool the interior of the vehicle before driving when it’s connected and charging with  120 or 240-volt connection.  You will also have the ability to set the departure time so your smart knows when to begin cooling-off up to 30-minutes prior to departure and up to 5 minutes…


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The ED3 and Me - Regenerative braking/charging

Do you know what regenerative braking is? If so, raise your hand.  My hand is up, but only because I have Engineers I can ask about it.  The simple explanation is that the car uses braking energy to charge the battery. The kinetic energy is transferred into electrical energy and fed back into the high-voltage battery which in turns increases range or the distance you can drive.  

This occurs in three different ways automatically:

1. Releasing your foot from the “gas” pedal…


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The ED3 and Me - Sound box

  I think many of us are guilty of thinking only of us and maybe our passengers when talking about the smart or any car for that matter.  How does the car handle? How much stuff can I fit inside? What gas mileage does it get?  But, how often do we think about the pedestrians and the safety aspect around not only keeping the driver and their passengers safe, but those on the outside of the car. This is ESPECIALLY important when talking about an electric car and how insanely quiet they can be…


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The ED3 and Me - Charging

  It’s me again!  So, one of the cooler features of the all new smart electric drive is the Plug-in 120-Volt charger that’s stored in the tailgate compartment. This means that most any wall outlet can charge your smart back to full. It’s always with your smart when you need it and as you can see, it’s not bulky or difficult to use. Plug it into the wall. Plug the other end into the smart. Done.  The yellow coil chord does stretch easily and gives you about 15 feet (my estimate) of slack so…


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12 Days of smartmas

Today is 12/12/12! What better way to celebrate than by sharing the song we wrote to commemorate the 12 days of smartmas?

On the first day of smartmas my true love gave to me, a tridion cell to protect me.

On the second day of smartmas my true love gave to me, two seats for riding and a…


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