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smart electric drive generation differences

Hi, Insiders. There have been several questions about the differences between the previous version of the smart electric drive and the current model year. Outside of a few aesthetic differences, check out the chart below to see some of the technical changes:…


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What’s the Fun Calculator?

The smart electric drive has many advantages. Did you know it can help you attend space camp…twice? Or maybe you’d rather spend the weekend on a private island. It’s all possible when you start saving on gas and spending on fun. To help you find your fun potential, we’ve created the Fun Calculator: a handy guide for spending your newfound mini-fortune. No matter what type of driver you are, there’s endless fun to be had. Just click, calculate, and enjoy:…


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smart drive iPhone App Upgrade

We’ve updated the smart drive app.

In addition to familiar functions and applications the new 2.0 version comes with all the these useful tools:

- New User Interface

- New Navigation engine which uses Open Street Maps

- Smart Feed

- Weather (current weather conditions and 2 day forecast at current location)

- Smart Parking (user generated Smart Parking Spots and Regular Parking Garages)

- Events

- Facebook social layer

- car2go…


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smart electric drive BYO

The all-new smart electric drive charges onto the smart configurator on Shhh…we haven’t told too many people yet. We’re giving our Insiders the heads-up before everyone else finds out. Have fun and let us know what you build here on Insider!

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battery assurance plus℠

New to the whole electric thing? Generally afraid of commitment? We’ve got a solution for you: rent the battery. Seriously. Purchase, finance, or lease a smart electric drive and we’ll rent you the battery, guaranteeing its capacity level and covering your annual battery maintenance costs for 10 years. And if you need a replacement battery during your rental term, it’s on us. How’s that for peace of mind?

Contact your local smart center for more information:…


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smart funtestdrive itinerary

smart has wrapped the first stop on the funtestdrive tour, but we’ve got 10 more to go! If you’re planning on stopping by and test driving an all-new smart electric drive, here’s some of the great stuff you can expect:

Portland, OR

-  PDX artists Derrick Villalpando and Thomas Hooker design a custom wrap.…


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smart electric drive specifications

A fleet of all-new smart electric drives (including "Ed," is making its way across the US as part of smart's funtestdrive tour ( These fully electric vehicles are decked out with crystal white body panels and electric green tridion safety cells. Below is the smart electric drive's product codes and design…


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Meet Ed, an all-new smart electric drive

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? I’m Ed, an all-new smart electric drive. I’m touring the country with smart’s funtestdrive, and I’m looking for love. Well, an owner, to be precise. The charge to my battery. The lithium to my ion. Follow me on Twitter (@smartUSAEd) as I go on speed dates and other shenanigans in search of “the one” for my fortwo. First up is L.A. Will I find my heart in Hollywood? Will it be you? Stay tuned.…


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The ED3 and Eric Angeloro

As all of you know, the smart electric drive will be available for purchase in 2013. You can pre-register here: But there are some special features on this vehicle that make it unique. smart Digital Marketing Specialist, Eric Angeloro, breaks down some of the EV’s lesser known attributes.

December 14 - The ED3 and Me

December 16…


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smart electric drive could be first EV with battery lease in the US

In an interview with Autoblog, Smart USA General Manager Tracey Matura, stated the smart electric drive may be the first electric vehicle in the United States to provide a battery lease:  This would set a precedent for American EVs, addressing the prospective driver’s concern on battery life.

What are your thoughts on the article and the…


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The ED3 and Me - A/C Pre-charging

“It’s so hot out there.  I wish I could cool-off my car before I get into it.”  If you find yourself saying this a lot then the smart electric drive is for you.  The “Air conditioning before start” feature allows you to cool the interior of the vehicle before driving when it’s connected and charging with  120 or 240-volt connection.  You will also have the ability to set the departure time so your smart knows when to begin cooling-off up to 30-minutes prior to departure and up to 5 minutes…


Added by Eric Angeloro - smart USA on December 22, 2012 at 3:00pm — 3 Comments

The ED3 and Me - Regenerative braking/charging

Do you know what regenerative braking is? If so, raise your hand.  My hand is up, but only because I have Engineers I can ask about it.  The simple explanation is that the car uses braking energy to charge the battery. The kinetic energy is transferred into electrical energy and fed back into the high-voltage battery which in turns increases range or the distance you can drive.  

This occurs in three different ways automatically:

1. Releasing your foot from the “gas” pedal…


Added by Eric Angeloro - smart USA on December 20, 2012 at 2:00pm — 6 Comments

The ED3 and Me - Sound box

  I think many of us are guilty of thinking only of us and maybe our passengers when talking about the smart or any car for that matter.  How does the car handle? How much stuff can I fit inside? What gas mileage does it get?  But, how often do we think about the pedestrians and the safety aspect around not only keeping the driver and their passengers safe, but those on the outside of the car. This is ESPECIALLY important when talking about an electric car and how insanely quiet they can be…


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The ED3 and Me - Charging

  It’s me again!  So, one of the cooler features of the all new smart electric drive is the Plug-in 120-Volt charger that’s stored in the tailgate compartment. This means that most any wall outlet can charge your smart back to full. It’s always with your smart when you need it and as you can see, it’s not bulky or difficult to use. Plug it into the wall. Plug the other end into the smart. Done.  The yellow coil chord does stretch easily and gives you about 15 feet (my estimate) of slack so…


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Three months into the lease!

These were my comments from April 2011 (3 months into driving the smart electric drive).  Keep in mind that the next generation may have already addressed these suggestions.


So I've been driving the car for about 3 months.  Here are my consolidated suggestions/desires so far.


1) Increase the max speed.  I know it may tax the battery, but if I could go about 70mph then I would not annoy so many people on the highway.




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The first 1000 miles in my smart electric drive

I posted this on the Team 250 site over a year ago.  For those of you interested in the 3rd Generation smart electric drive, it does look like they took a lot of our initial feedback to heart.  We'll see what the price tag looks like (hopefully very soon).


January has never been my favorite month... I hate the cold weather... but this year (2011) 27 January was special.  Let me back up a bit...


24 December 2010, I got a phone call from my smart dealer. …


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Drive smart or fly dumb. That is the question...

Thought I'd post this. The screen capture shows my car as a 'Mercedes Benz' smart fortwo.

Here's where to check your 'Drive or Fly'


Use year as 2010, Make as Mercedes Benz, model fortwo will be at…


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Are we going to have the MHD in the US?

Is there anyone out there that knows when we will get the MHD in the USA or at least the ability to add it to our cars.

I want the MHD feature on my smart.…


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Minneapolis auto examiner! Check Check Check A Check it out! Electiric Drive

Im sure that Most of us know enough information on the Electric Drive smart, but Minneapolis auto examiner Nathan Hook has done a nice little story on what to expect in 2012. Enjoy : )

Sorry it is someting you need to copy and patse : ( worth it though!

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Grueling...Chicago to AZ in 2 1/2 days

102 degrees, 75 mph, and air conditioning made for sluggish passing the few times we caught up to trucks coming across Kansas, but by the time we hit New Mexico and Arizona I was getting pretty good at downshifting on those steep grades. (If we had a nickel for every dead armadillo we saw along the road in that state we could have bought a couple of gallons of gas. Though the dead elk near Flagstaff was much more startling--antlers poking out of the ditch, legs sticking stiff and straight out,… Continue

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