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New German smart fortwo Commercial

Just in case you missed jwight's post last week, check out this fun new commercial from Germany.

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Antonio Garay runs the 40 yard dash

Antonio Garay runs the 40 yard dash with help from his Hello Kitty smart:

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smart break dance

smart International sponsored a break dance competition. One special fortwo got pulled into a routine:

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BoConcept smart

smart partnered with BoConcept to create a special edition vehicle and a unique smart lifestyle collection:

For curious smarties, here's a full list of specs for the BoConcept smart:

Exclusive exterior highlights

  • bodypanel paint finish in matt…

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The ED3 and Eric Angeloro

As all of you know, the smart electric drive will be available for purchase in 2013. You can pre-register here: But there are some special features on this vehicle that make it unique. smart Digital Marketing Specialist, Eric Angeloro, breaks down some of the EV’s lesser known attributes.

December 14 - The ED3 and Me

December 16…


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cityflame specs

smart continues to blaze  new trails with the cityflame.  This special edition is decked out with a black tridion cell, black grille frame, black mirror caps and sleek black 15” BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels. The special ‘flame yellow pearl effect’ body panels  are complemented with an interior that features black leather optic upholstery, matching inlays and contrast stitching in ‘flame yellow.’…


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smart electric drive could be first EV with battery lease in the US

In an interview with Autoblog, Smart USA General Manager Tracey Matura, stated the smart electric drive may be the first electric vehicle in the United States to provide a battery lease:  This would set a precedent for American EVs, addressing the prospective driver’s concern on battery life.

What are your thoughts on the article and the…


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The ED3 and Me - A/C Pre-charging

“It’s so hot out there.  I wish I could cool-off my car before I get into it.”  If you find yourself saying this a lot then the smart electric drive is for you.  The “Air conditioning before start” feature allows you to cool the interior of the vehicle before driving when it’s connected and charging with  120 or 240-volt connection.  You will also have the ability to set the departure time so your smart knows when to begin cooling-off up to 30-minutes prior to departure and up to 5 minutes…


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The ED3 and Me - Regenerative braking/charging

Do you know what regenerative braking is? If so, raise your hand.  My hand is up, but only because I have Engineers I can ask about it.  The simple explanation is that the car uses braking energy to charge the battery. The kinetic energy is transferred into electrical energy and fed back into the high-voltage battery which in turns increases range or the distance you can drive.  

This occurs in three different ways automatically:

1. Releasing your foot from the “gas” pedal…


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The ED3 and Me - Sound box

  I think many of us are guilty of thinking only of us and maybe our passengers when talking about the smart or any car for that matter.  How does the car handle? How much stuff can I fit inside? What gas mileage does it get?  But, how often do we think about the pedestrians and the safety aspect around not only keeping the driver and their passengers safe, but those on the outside of the car. This is ESPECIALLY important when talking about an electric car and how insanely quiet they can be…


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The ED3 and Me - Charging

  It’s me again!  So, one of the cooler features of the all new smart electric drive is the Plug-in 120-Volt charger that’s stored in the tailgate compartment. This means that most any wall outlet can charge your smart back to full. It’s always with your smart when you need it and as you can see, it’s not bulky or difficult to use. Plug it into the wall. Plug the other end into the smart. Done.  The yellow coil chord does stretch easily and gives you about 15 feet (my estimate) of slack so…


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Smart Car Vlogs on YouTube

Hello everyone!! 

My name is Jeff and I love my Smart Car so much just like the other Smart Car enthusiasts. I record my driving all the time. Driving my Smart Car is so much fun. I don't blog much but i love to Vlog. I can get more in to the mood and i think it is much more fun. Smart Car Vlogs This is my YouTube Channel it is so much fun. I am a crazy kid and i think you will like it!

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SMART Car Nationals

The 2013 SMART Car Nationals are in the process of being organized.  The dates are July 10 -14, 2013, in Westminster Colorado (suburb of Denver).

We are going to have the event at the Westin Hotel, where we are arranging rooms and conference facilities.  Whomever is interested, we are going to need more help down the road with organizing, and help with the event itself.  If you are interested please contact us at  If you are interested in being a Caravan…


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Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is not just for kids, it's also for smarts. We’re running a costume contest over on our Facebook page, and were inspired by some of the awesome pictures you guys posted last year: smart Halloween costumes. Show off your smart's costume this Halloween by posting a picture in this thread, or head over to our Facebook wall to enter. The most popular photos (with the most number of likes and comments) will be featured on…


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Check out this nice smart history web page.

This is the shortest Blog I've done so far. lol My fingers are thanking me.

History Photos




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Our own smart car Charles M. Shultz

see more here: Eric Larsen's ©gstreetcomics


What you see above is work from a nice man from the Washington, DC area who is a fellow smart car owner, who I got to meet very briefly in Maryland at the Cherry Blossom Run, back in April 2011.


So, y'all use the above link to check out more,…


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2011 smart

I just stumbled over the smartUSA sight yesterday and I saw the new slightly redesigned 2011 smart. I think the newly redesigned interior keeps its family resemblance but the upgrade looks great and are "smart"ly thought through. They are going to offer a good looking radio with navigation built in ambient lighting. On the outside they have added daytime running lamps (LED) and it has a nice sophisticated look something akin to the Audi. Overall I think the upgrades look great and I look… Continue

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There ARE smart video ads out there.

Us poor smarties here in the USA are always griping about the lack of ads on TV in the U.S., and after seeing this I wonder if these ads are playing everywhere in the world but here. At least we can enjoy them on You Tube, but we must seek them out and it won't make a difference to the average American. A old advertising slogan applies here 'A business without a sign, is a sign of no business'.

smart (global) is doing some cool things and is transforming into a… Continue

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Banned From Smart Car of America

Yesterday I did my daily routine and went to the SCOA forum. Upon entering I'm told my IP has been banned...

Why am I banned?

EDIT: Everything's being resolved...Thanks to the Mods of SCOA!!

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Photos of the Orange smart nationals car!

Here is our 2010 smart passion coupe that was painted Orange for the smart nationals!

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