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Do you think the smart is a "uncar"?

Hi, y'all.

DVI has just put up the new ad campaign on http://www.smartusa.com what do you think of the "unbig. uncar." theme.  Using the new site is quite different. You need to scroll down to see all the pages (kinda as if you were using a iPad or a Android tablet.  There is lots of references to us (smart owners and smartUSAinsider) on the new site.


What do you think?



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Third Generation smart Electric Drive Announced

From the eMercedesBenz website:

smart fortwo electric drive With Zero-Emissions Soon Available Worldwide

The battery allows the smart fortwo electric drive to travel nearly 87 miles in city traffic without producing any local emissions



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Check out this nice smart history web page.

This is the shortest Blog I've done so far. lol My fingers are thanking me.

History Photos




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RedOregon's Report on MB of San Antonio

I asked redoregon for permission to repost his 'review' of MB of San Antonio here and so here it is for you to enjoy.


"Just got back from my 20,000 mile maintenance.

Called at about 9 this morning, got an 11:30 appointment. Arrived at 11:15; guy outside was at the door before I got it open, then ran inside to get my paperwork when I told him I had an appointment. Got the rest of my info (address, etc), then brought me into the service…


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Now's the time for smart owners to come to the aid...

I want to thank Forest for the inspiration for this Blog post.

Thanks, Forest! Sincerely, Michael.

The following is a response I made to a post by Forest at SCoA.


I have posted it here for all of the smart owners…


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Drive smart or fly dumb. That is the question...

Thought I'd post this. The screen capture shows my car as a 'Mercedes Benz' smart fortwo.

Here's where to check your 'Drive or Fly'


Use year as 2010, Make as Mercedes Benz, model fortwo will be at…


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More News about Our new Leadership

From Reuters news...

"MONTVALE, N.J., July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today announced appointments within a dedicated team that will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of smart products in the United States. MBUSA took over responsibility for sales of the two-seater coupes and cabriolets from the Penske organization on July 1, 2011."…


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News Flash...MB backs Smart with ads, deals

Finally, great news.


Smart USA will launch a TV, print and digital marketing campaign by year end to jump-start the struggling microcar brand that Mercedes-Benz USA took over on July 1.

Read more:…

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Our own smart car Charles M. Shultz

see more here: Eric Larsen's ©gstreetcomics


What you see above is work from a nice man from the Washington, DC area who is a fellow smart car owner, who I got to meet very briefly in Maryland at the Cherry Blossom Run, back in April 2011.


So, y'all use the above link to check out more,…


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Today is July 1st 2011- MBusa day, farewell smartUSA

According to what we have been told, today is the day that Mercedes Benz USA is taking over smart in the U.S. I hope that some of the good things I have heard regarding the transition/takeover will be coming forth soon. I did expect some kind of 'Official' announcement on the sUSAi main page. Oh well, maybe next week.




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If you use Fuelly. Here's how to get the stinkin' Badges.

Thanks to Jan in West U for the inspiration.


Want to put a Fuelly Badge like this one:

On your my page or into your comments. discussions, or blog posts (like this one you're now reading). Oh,…


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How to insert a Graphic Badge on comments, threads and blog in sUSAi

Thanks to Carlito for the inspiration.

If you want to learn how to get the 'code' I talk about below go here first, then come back here it will make more sense. lol

Over at the smarts on Fuelly group I prompted folks to paste their Fuelly Signature aka Badge, into the comments so everyone could see real time MPG stats and click to go to a members Fuelly page. Well, you know 'Murphy's Law'... Some…


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Smarts at Fuelly, A great Idea

Thanks, to xcapepod for the inspiration.


As I was perusing sUSAi today I ran across this:

As I went on I ran into this:…


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Welcome to Our new Leader! Tracey Matura

Let's all post a welcome to Mercedes-Benz USA’s Tracey Matura, incoming General Manager, smart division.


I'll start:


Tracey, thank you for accepting the Leadership for smart in the USA, I look forward to the great things you will do to make the smart fortwo the leading microcar in the USA.  I feel that the smart owners and clubs will be glad to help you in your task. Just ask us. The smart car owners in Jacksonville, FL are…


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Couldn't make it to Wisconsin? Live vicariously!

Someday I will make it to the Wisconsin Dells smart rally. Until then those of us that can't go, can live it through the 'camera eye' of Gary Bryers. Gary is from North Carolina and one of the founders of North American Smart Cars I call it NASC (naskik). He has built a custom hood flap for the front of his smart and is videoing his…


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There ARE smart video ads out there.

Us poor smarties here in the USA are always griping about the lack of ads on TV in the U.S., and after seeing this I wonder if these ads are playing everywhere in the world but here. At least we can enjoy them on You Tube, but we must seek them out and it won't make a difference to the average American. A old advertising slogan applies here 'A business without a sign, is a sign of no business'.

smart (global) is doing some cool things and is transforming into a… Continue

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What's going on with SmartUSA Soundboard Talk

Hello, fellow susaians. Long time no Blog (I'm not counting the post on September 13th). Anyway, I went over to the new place for smartUSA's corporate voices to see what it's about. There's 5 News items and 4 Blog posts from Jill and Kim plus comments from several of us. I put in my 2 cents as well and you can see it here and click the link below to browse the other comments yourself.


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Wow, September is so busy for susai blogs!

  1. 164 blogs so far this month...hmmm....Tony Evans 43 plus 21 forums posts.
  2. So what is this…

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A great way to show the Mercedes smart connection

I received this link on my SCOA RSS feed. It's about the first car Benz built and the new drivable replicas. Wouldn't it be great to show the 'progress' from the first two seater from 1886 to the fortwo now? I think it would be a home run.


From here 1886

To here…


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What do you want susai to be?

I thought I'd do a constructive blog about what all us members want from susai and what features you like about the site. After the shock up the 'glitch' on the weekend, I am proud of the quick repair that happened. I also hope the the relationship with the members and smartUSA can be of a more of a ongoing two way dialogue.

So let's start here. let's all show smartUSA what we like about susai and how we can recommend folks to make susai 'home base'.

What I… Continue

Added by spicejax on March 21, 2010 at 4:28pm — 4 Comments

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