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10th Annual Cruisin' Downriver - MI

On Saturday evening, June 27, 2009 my wife and I headed to the 10th Annual Cruisin' Downriver and WHAT an experience... and will not be going back again!

The plan was to cruise up and down Fort Street a few times and dinner at a local restaurant. Well… some of it did happen. My wife and I had dinner at the Ram's Horn Restaurant, the food and service was good. But we only cruised Fort Street only one-and-a-half times. Why? I was not prepared for the crude comments from the… Continue

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Bike Rack Projects - Single and Tandem

I have finished my bike rack projects for my smart car. After my 1st prototype to design one rack to hold either a tandem or a triathlon bike. I decided to make 2 bikes racks, one for the triathlon bike and another for the tandem bike.

Now I am going one step further, I figured out a way to carry two bikes on the back by only adding a couple of pieces.

Over the next week I'll will be uploading video showing if there is any movement (flexing) of the bikes when driving. And… Continue

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Stage 3 - Bike Rack Concept

It's almost complete after a redesign. My first concept and prototype was to have one bike rack to accommodate two different bikes, triathlon and a tandem bicycle. I found a couple of flaws in the prototype so back to the drawing board or the computer in my case and I finally worked out all the kinks.

1st Prototype - Tandem

08.8 lbs - Bike Rack Mount (Designed by Mr. Incredible)

11.4 lbs - Rocky Mounts Bike Rack

34.6 lbs - Cannondale Tandem Bike

54.8 lbs TOTAL for… Continue

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Stage 2 - Bike Rack Concept

I have fabricated the bracket to accommodate the RockyMounts bike rack. So far I have invested $7.50 for the 18" of 5/8 - 8 ACME Threaded Road, $272.00 RockyMounts Tandem R4 Bike Rack, $4.00 5/8 - 8 ACME Nut (qty 2); $15.62 for 1" OD x .625 ID x 5 LG for Spacer Pipe & 1/4 x 4-1/4 x 15-3/4 plate. $10.00 for 1-1/8 OD x 5/8 ID x 4-1/4 LG Steel Tubing.

This is what it looks like right now...

From… Continue

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Stage 1 - Bike Rack Concept

Set up my tandem and triathlon bikes on the bike rack. Next step is to fabricate the brackets.

Mr. Incredible

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Where's Mr. Incredible?

Here is the picture from smart center Bloomfield first anniversary.

Can you find Mr. Incredible in the picture?

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Is this my 15 minutes of fame? I hope not!

The smart car, smart center Bloomfield and I made it into Metromode online magazine. In the April 23, 2009 edition, the "Features" section is an article titled, "Smart Cars in Metro Detroit: Still Smart?"

Well my answer is YES and fun too.

Here is the link to to article:

I'll be at smart center Bloomfield on Thursday… Continue

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smart attracts attention!

We all now that our smart cars can and do attract attention. We have been asked questions where ever we go. We always get looks from people where ever we drive. But this takes the cake!

I was driving today and coming up to a red light. As slowed to stop for the light, the strangest thing happened. Two geese were sitting on the side of the road about 10 feet from the curb. Just sitting in the grass enjoying the sunny day. As I slowed, both geese looked at my smart car. There heads… Continue

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This is a blog about everything that has been done, modifications and accessories, to my smart car.


My windshield is tinted. There was a concern about placing any "window" stickers on the tint film. I believe I have a solution. The 2008 Annual Metropark pass must be attached to the inside of the windshield which would mean "sticking" to the tint film. What I did was "stick" the annual… Continue

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Updates to momma

Here are pictures of momma of any "surgeries" and "accessories."


H&H Powder Coating Highland, MI

Color: RAL 9005 - glossy black

Brett Hammond did a great job and a one day turn around for me. As a side benefit H&H was the lowest price of the 6 powder coating companies I contacted.

Window Tint

Great Lakes Window Tinting - Commerce Twp, MI

Phone: 248-363-4166

Great price,… Continue

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momma's plastic surgery aka Panel Swap 072708

Here are photos of the panel swap that we (Mr. Incredibler & monica) did. It took just over five hours. First time, no experience and didn't rush it, either.

Before (before plastic surgery)

Face Lift

Nose Job


Rear… Continue

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Mr Incredible smart car Prototype 071608

I did more work on the prototype model of the Mr Incredible smart car. Replaced the Red rear panels with Black (Black Sharpie marker the red ones on the model). Powder coated the wheels Red (Red Sharpie marker the existing silver). I did wheels in Yellow Sharpie marker but did not like the look of them so Red is now my choice.

All the graphics are printed from a computer printer on regular white paper. Xacto knife cut and use a stick glue for adhering to the body. I even did my State… Continue

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I'm such a Disney Fan and so is my smart, too!

Today (07/12/08) we went to the Cruisin' Michigan (Dearborn, Inkster & Wayne along US-12). There were movie stars there. momma was so excited we had to get pictures. Her favorite was her and Herbie together. I think she has a crush on Herbie.

Here are some of the other stars that were there too... we missed getting a picture of Mater :-(

Here is K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand)…


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I have to have FUN with my smart

One day at the gas station, I was filling up my smart with premium unleaded gas. A guy next to me asked, " Is that car electric?" I looked at him funny with the pump nozzle IN MY HAND and said, "No... I wish it was, so I wouldn't have to be here at the pumps."

Ding... Ding... Ding... IDEA!

As soon as I was finished at the gas station, I went directly to Wal-Mart and bought a 25' long orange (16 gauge) extension cord ($4.97). I only needed about 4 feet of it so after i… Continue

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day One

Year: 2008; Model: Passion; Body Type: 2 Door; Tridion Cell: Black; Body: White

Optional Equipment: Comfort Package, smart Sound System; MSRP: $15,435

Confirmation Date: March 19, 2007; Confirmation # 0284901173

Build Location: Hamburg, France; Build Date: November 2007

Port of Entry: Newark, NJ; smart center: Bloomfield

smart center of Bloomfield

Number: 31

Arrival Date: January 24, 2008

Delivery Date: January 30, 2008

Odometer:… Continue

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