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New gauge enroute...

So called PLX on Monday afternoon and spoke to Mike the supervisor. Told him about the defective gauge (after waiting for it for 40 days) and he said he would send one out as soon as humanly possible, and that "heads will roll". I asked why the president didn't bother to reply to my email, he stated that he handled that stuff. (So I don't get a reply??? Or better yet a valid resolution? Glad to see that MIke "handled it") I have yet to see the company actually reply to any email. Or take any…


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new gauge from PLX now has a red line through screen!!! UGGH!!!

So not looking forward to having to contact this horrible company... (I was hoping that I'd get my overpriced gauge and never have to deal with that company again... It's not like to president ever bothered to reply to my email... I believe that is their company policy to not talk to customers or resolve issues.) my $300 gauge now seems to have an "issue" where one line of the screen is red going from top to bottom. I've only had it for about a week now, the line showed up yesterday and is… Continue

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46.4 mpg going 76-80mph (best MPG yet)

So I decided to let the gauge dictate the speed I drove (within reason) and found that the faster I went, the better the MPG. I didn't test this past 80mph, although traffic was going faster at times. Most of the stretch was highway, but there was a little city and stop and go also. Based on what I got at the pump. I think I've calibrated my gauge too low, but the next step up seemed too high... more testing needed.

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most efficient speed? 55mph or 75mph? MPGwise...

So I've always been told the most efficient speed is about 50-55mph. I've been trying to calibrate my new MPG guage (amazingly it finally arrived only 40 days late, an no attempt from the company to contact us, but that's another story). The guage says the Smart has "MAF" (or was it MAP?) and my guage reads really low, so far I've got it set to +65%, +70% was reading too high. @ 0 it reads that I'm getting 12mpg. The instructions say to drive at 50-55mph (the most efficient speed)…


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35 min. on phone w/ supervisor & still NO RESOLUTION from PLX, now I have to email the CEO!

After hearing how "someone should have contacted you" countless times and no actual resolution, I'm getting ready to email Paul the CEO/President of PLX to see if HE can give me some sort of resolution for how his company has acted these past 40 days.

1. Web site falsely claims to have a $300 product "in stock" and "available now"

2. Company did not contact my husband after his purchase to notify him that there was a distribution issue overseas and that the product was back… Continue

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cracked a rim! Extended warrenty is useless since tire is fine...???

Saturday we cracked/bent our rim. (We only have 9400mi on our Smart) My initial thought was... whew we bought the entended tire/rim coverage from the dealer... this should be covered. Well the inspector say's something else. Since there was no damage to our tire, they will not cover the rim??? Huh? So annoyed that the insurance is a rip-off!!! What am I paying for then?

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29.5 MPG...

Another low MPG... 29.5 @ 3364 miles. Wondering if my husband is driving with a lead foot? He say's he's not... but it does seem to be lower when he drives, although its still not that great when I drive it. He drove it more than I did this time.

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MPG 33

my last fill up I got 33MPG (oh, and husband didn't drive it :-)... at least that's the city advertised MPG. new avg. is 31.8 w/ 3181 miles on it. Still waiting for that miracle change to occur @ 5000 mi. Still haven't gotten to take my Smart for a road trip.

Found out that my dad's Fit... the MPG calculator has been running higher than actually (calc. at pump) by about 10% (+3MPG), but its still beating my Smart :(

I really want to get a KIWI so I can monitor my real time… Continue

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I love my Smart, but its not behaving! Our avg. MPG is only 32 with the last fill up at 30!!! Yikes. Don't know what is going on.

Also, driving it is really jerky for me, especially at low speeds (ie... stop n go) I've never driven a manual, and the Smart is definitely not an automatic

Added by jaybudder on September 11, 2009 at 11:40pm — 17 Comments

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