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The Scoop - DOG Chat

Hello Insiders,

As you may have heard, the all-new 2016 smart fortwo has just debuted at the New York International Auto Show! The Javits Center is already filled with smart fans who are ready to view the new car and its features up close. If you're one of the fortunate individuals who will be there in person, we've gathered a list of top specs that you can keep in mind while exploring.

Safety has always been a top priority for us and the C453 is no exception. In…


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5 Things You May Not Know About smart's electric drive

One of our favorite bloggers, ElectraGirl, is back with more insights on her smart electric drive. This time, she has created a list of 5 little-known facts about the vehicle. Some of her facts are more general characteristics that could be applicable to all of our models. However, these three points do a great job of illustrating features strictly associated with our electric drive:

"1. Pre-conditioning is built in - I so like the fact that I can pre-condition…


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How To Maximize Summer Change Range

Have you been running the AC nonstop in your car to combat the summer heat? If you own an electric drive, this can quickly drain your car's battery life. smart car of America users recognized this fact and had a great discussion on how to keep yourself cool while preserving power. Robert Weingart, smart's in-house electric drive expert, also shared his tips:…


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Join Our Dealer Ordering Guide Live Chat Next Thursday!

We've reached the end of our dealer ordering guide blog series. Hopefully, you now have a better picture of the US version of the C453. If you still have a few lingering questions, you can save them for our next Live Chat. Eric Angeloro, smart's marketing head, will be online again, ready to discuss all things C453, on Thursday, June 4th at 5 PM EDT. Please reply below with any questions you plan on posting.…


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C453 Dealer Ordering Guide Preview - Safety

smart has never skimped on safety standards and our C453 is no exception. In this final installment of our dealer ordering guide walk-through, we'll take a look at what makes the C453 one of the safest smarts to date.

Of course, we have to start with our tridion safety cell. Thanks to a higher proportion of ultra-high strength, hot-formed steels and maximum-strength, multiphase steel, our tridion is the strongest its ever been. As a compliment to the C453's external ridgity, doors are…


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C453 Dealer Ordering Guide Preview - Interior Specs

It's time to revisit the C453's dealer ordering guide to see our latest smart's interior specs. Jump inside and we'll take you for a tour.

Storage was top of mind when we designed our twin-section tailgate. The trunk opens from both the top and bottom to facilitate easy loading and unloading. Furthermore, the backrest of the passenger seat can now be folded…


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C453's Dealer Ordering Guide Preview - Dimensions

On Tuesday, we talked about our C453's optional packages. Today, let's turn to the car's new look and feel. There are a couple of dimensions that have remained the same, despite body alterations. The C453 is 8'8" long, just like its predecessor. That means you can expect parking to be just as easy. At 22'8", our turning circle is the best in the industry. In terms of body changes, the C453's width has been modified slightly (+4 inches) in order to maximize interior space and enhance…


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C453's Dealer Ordering Guide Preview - Accessories Packages

Last week, we launched a blog series designed to walk you through our C453 dealer ordering guide. This next installment is all about option packages.

Our Lighting Package, an exterior upgrade geared towards enhancing your smart's existing headlights, uses integrated "light guide" daytime running lights and LED tail lights. The package is…


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C453's Dealer Ordering Guide Preview - Model Types

During our Live Chat, you had a lot of questions regarding the C453 specs. We heard you, and we're here to deliver. Over the next week, we are going to walk you through the official dealer ordering guide. Thus far, the document has only been shared with dealers. We'd like to give Insiders the chance to take a peek before it's released to the general public! In order to make the experience more interactive, we plan on parceling out the pages for an in-depth discussion of each…


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C453's cross connect app

Hello Insiders!

We are weeks away from the premier of the C453 at the New York Auto Show. This new generation of smart has so many features worth bragging about. One that we are especially excited for is the cross connect app. The cross connect app turns a driver's smart phone into a dynamic information and multimedia system. In contrast to the smart drive 2 app, cross connect includes a guidebook, car info and the ability to control your in-car radio.

Car Info provides users…


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The Scoop - Further C453 Updates

Hello Insiders!

It's been a while since we've updated you on a few key product launches. The most anticipated one is undoubtedly the C453. Originally, we reported that the C453 would be making its US debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. Since then, the premiere has shifted to the New York Auto Show in April. We're excited to bring the newest generation of our vehicle to New York coinciding with this week's retail launch of the 453 in Europe.…


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Tips For Winterizing Your smart

Have you gone through the process of winterizing your smart yet? If you haven't already, get on it! Winter is in full swing... Thankfully, our owner's manual (page 143) gives a handy rundown of everything you need to know to master the art of the smart. Here are a couple key tips:

- Get your smart serviced at a designated smart center: All smart centers have a special…


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Automatic Windshield Wipers Settings

Winter weather is upon us, and with it comes the chance to put your smart's automatic windshield wipers to work! We learned via Reddit that some of you were asking about the right way to adjust rain-light sensor-controlled wiper settings. For 2014 smarts that have a rain-light sensor, the feature is activated when the wiper settings are set to "intermittent wiping" or…


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The Scoop - C453 Updates

Greetings Insiders!

With the recent world premiere of the C453, we wanted to make sure that we took a moment to personally share some of the car's highlights and hopefully answer a few questions along the way. We are planning on premiering the C453 at the Detroit Auto Show this January however actual USA-based sales will not begin until late next year. Until then, let us walk you through what this much-anticipated smart will entail.



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Snapshots From The Paris Motor Show

Missed the Paris Motor Show? No worries, sUSAi member jwight has your back. Not only did he get to see smart's 453 display, he also got to look under the hood and sit inside! Flipping through his photos is getting us even more excited for the US premiere of the 453 at the New York Auto Show. Check out these awesome snaps: …


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electric drive Wish List

There has been a lot of buzz recently on forums about fast-charge options for our electric drive. We are well aware of those DC beauties with the advanced J1772 combo plugs that give you an 80% boost in 30 minutes.…


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The Scoop: smart’s Logo is Changing

Hi smartsters,

As you are already seeing here on sUSAi and across all of our digital platforms, smart’s logo is changing. This is an exciting time for our brand!

The change began on July 1, 2014, and a larger brand campaign will be launched for Europe today. The smart logo or “label” as it’s known, has been updated to be more modern as well as accompany the launch of the all-new smart fortwo (C453). More to follow on the C453 this month as we are all anxious to learn about and…


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electric Drive Charging Etiquette

We are thrilled that so many people have made the switch to electric. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles comes fresh opportunities to innovate and redefine the rules of the road.

One etiquette inquiry that has popped up on a lot on forums is "charge rage." A member of smart car of America recently wrote, "This week, for the first time, I unplugged…


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Countdown to C453 Reveal Has Begun!

We are excited to announce that full details on the brand new C453 will finally be unveiled at next week's press announcement day on July 16th. For those who are looking for a taste of what is to come, check out our official teaser where you can see key enhancements to interior and exterior specs - upgrades that take their inspiration from the many concept vehicles produced over the last few years. Stay tuned to sUSAi for more information!…


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The Scoop: smart tagline testing results

Hello Insiders!

The time has come to finally reveal our tagline testing results! After carefully sorting through all of the poll submissions, we were able to compile the following findings about our proposed new tagline, "smart, engineered with Mercedes-Benz:"

- 70% of people who read the line said it made them feel that the car was safer.

- 82% said it made them feel that the car was more well-crafted.



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