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Car 2 Go (sharing smarts in Austin, Texas)

I just heard about this program, the first in the U.S. and the second one in existance (Ulm Germany was the 1st). I got these pictures while at RRsmart today. Sounds like a pretty cool program.

According to earth2tech.com

Daimler will have car-sharing program in Austin, Texas. Daimler will roll out its “mobility concept,” car2go, in Austin this fall following the expansion of a pilot program in Ulm Germany.

Austin will have 200 Smart Fortwo cars… Continue

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Sonic Saturday in Central Texas

That's right Central Texas smart Club had our first SONIC SATURDAY Meet-n-Greet!

SONIC SATURDAY is where we pick a different SONIC location around the central Texas area, or even a few of them. Then between 2 - 4pm, if you live in that area, and want to show up and chat with ANY smarties that show, you can. We'll keep you posted on locations.

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CenTex Poker Run

The CenTex smart Car Club sponsored a Poker (charity) Run followed by an Owner Clinic put on by Round Rock smart. Special thanks for the coordinators of the Poker Run, Martha and Sandy.

The club members, new and experienced had a great time. Each driver was given a map of locations to pick up their cars for 5 card stud and off we went.

100% of the entrance fee went to the Moore-Weis school, our charity.

One member… Continue

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Chance Meeting

We had a chance meeting with another smart for lunch at Jaime's in Austin, Texas (8th and Red River).

They were really friendly, of course, and I encouraged them to attend our next CenTex smart Club activity, a poker run.

I've been driving with my sunscreen pulled back this week for the first time and I love it. It's just been so hot here in Texas and the sun is so bright that I only wanted to block out the sun. Now with the temps in the 30's and the sun… Continue

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Braille Rallye in Texas

The TSBVI and CenTex smart Club Braille Rallye was a grand success!

We had 16 smart cars and their families show up for the event. They did a quick background check, signed in and awaited their navigators.

While waiting for the start of the race navigators and their families from the school's Parent Weekend got to check out the smart cars! Lots of questions of course, curious looks, and cries of "I want one" were heard.

Two other… Continue

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smart Princess

It's Halloween time again, my favorite holiday, and my girls are already dressing up! The Disney Princess' wanted to ride in my smart car, of course!

Don't forget the Braille Rallye, November 15th in Austin, Texas!

Added by Rmichael on October 29, 2008 at 8:08pm — 4 Comments

ABC of Texas and the smart Braille Rallye

CenTex smart Club is proud to announce that All Blind Children of Texas (www.abctx.org), a non-profit organization helping blind children gain a sense of pride and self-worth,

has joined the Austin Downtown Lion's Club (www.austindowntownlions.org) in sponsorship of the TSBVI Braille Rallye. The first 5 smart car drivers to register to participate in the Rallye will recieve the unique ABCTX Braille/Print "Touch Life" wristband. ABCTX is coordinating the Braille Rallye press… Continue

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CenTex Kirby Lane Meet

Another great, but small, meet in Central Texas. We met at the New Kirby Lane Cafe location in NorthWest Austin.

We had 3 smart enthusiasts join us this time and boy were they excited to meet up and talk about the smart car.

Seven smart cars joined us for brunch. Although they sat us at different tables some planning occurred for our next events. A continuation of our FourTue (Fourth Tuesday) meet at Central Market was planned. Braille… Continue

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My Lovelies - Wet Okole

Ooooh, they came in the mail. My sweet and lovely Wet Okole smart seat covers.

Due to the nature of our smart car purchase (not an orphan, not reserved) we didn't really have the choice of interior styling. We got what we got. I'm not sure we would have chosen leather (we are divided on leather) but it was obvious that the cloth seats were not going to hold up to the drivers (one bear and one otter) plus 4 kids under 10, and 2 teenagers (all occasional riders). So we… Continue

Added by Rmichael on September 25, 2008 at 6:30pm — 3 Comments

smart-B-Que and Ice Cream social FUN

Today was the CenTex smart-B-Que and Ice Cream Social. My son went with me and we were the first lonely ones there until our new friends Roy and Laurie showed up in there Glitter Red smart (from Round Rock smart).

Did you know that, according to Laurie, the Glitter Red smart came with the "auto assist turn into EVERY Walmart" power steering option? It's a beautiful color and the two "specialty" colors stood around admiring each other.

Did you know that… Continue

Added by Rmichael on September 20, 2008 at 6:30pm — 14 Comments

Braille Rallye anyone?

Would you be interested in a Central Texas Braille Rallye?

It's a timed auto sports event where a driver is paired with a visually impaired or blind co-pilot (navigator), who is responsible for reading the directions, in Braille or large print, and guiding the driver to the check points and through the course using public roads and ordinary traffic rules with the object of maintaining a specified average speed between checkpoints over a route unknown to the participants… Continue

Added by Rmichael on September 10, 2008 at 7:59pm — 2 Comments

Radio Bezel

Wow! I bought a radio bezel and had it painted to match the chameleon color of my smart.

I think it turned out really nice. I ordered it from Billet and Acrylic 'cause I think there stuff is pretty sweet. It looks great and the color changes depending on where you are sitting. As you can see it matches the color of my car and my instrument panel and clock and tach. Sweet!

I've never been so crazy about a car before. I'm not sure what else I will add. Oh,… Continue

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CenTex smart Club Adventure! Vineyard tour and tasting

CenTex smart Club sponsored a winery tour right here in our own backyard (the Texas Hill Country) on Saturday August 16th, 2008. It was a (grape) smashing success with a total of 8 smart cars! Four of our smart cars

met at Central Market (Central Austin spot) with with Sandy bringing along her dog. All four Central Market smarts received a prize for attendance, a giant role of Smarties candies.

The original 4 smarts were joined en route by… Continue

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smart lovers

I read an article (Smart ForTwo Is a Blue-State City Car, Right? Guess Again) that stated that the "novelty" of the smart will wear off just like it did for the Mini and that smart gas milage isn't that great anyway. It also said that too succeed smart will have to diversify their product. Well, the gas milage sure seems better than the Yaris and the Fit (the cars they compared it too) and I believe that smart will diversify. It really already has with 3 distinct trims available. We know it's… Continue

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Garage Sale - no, the smart is not for sale!

We finally had a garage sale, made over $250, and made room for the smart in the garage. It sure doesn't need much room though.

Of course we still have a packed garage 'cause we are the dumping ground for all family members but it is so nice to park out of the heat.

It was kinda funny when the cops stopped by our garage sale. I had parked the smart in the grass, out of the way, and off the street where garage sale shoppers could hit it. The police… Continue

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How to wash and wax your smart!

Well after much research and probably still more learning to go I washed and waxed my smart car.

First I started with the products. I decided to use Zaino products. Check out the bucket with grit guard. I never knew about a grit guard before.

I also used Dawn original, for the first time only, to be sure to remove all the old wax gunk.

Be sure to rinse the car BEFORE you start! This will loosen and wash away some… Continue

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SUNorama! (there r pictures in the blog)

It's really sunny and hot in Texas and I know many of you can empathize coming from other hot states. Sure I shoulda bought a Pure with the solid roof or better yet the Cabrio with no roof but I have and love my Passion. Angel, another Texan, had a great idea to use one of those round collapsable windshield screens in the panoramic roof (between the roof and the sunshield) to help keep out the heat. Great idea and I did it immediately. However, it was shy about one inch all around. I had this… Continue

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I've got my attitude on! or I am not an effigy!

So when I'm driving my smart (whose name keeps changing with my mood, but as my friends say, "It's not a child so changing it's name won't mess it up and send it to therapy for years") I like to listen to my iPod and jam out to my favorite attitude songs ("jam out" now you know I'm a child of the 80's, well I grew to adulthood in the 80's). I feel like there's a lot of attitude in this little car and I have a special playlist for "Driving smart". Currently on heavy rotation in my car… Continue

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Austin smart Scene, 23 smarts

Wow, for our first Central Texas run a count of 23 cars made it to the first photo op (although 24 had made it the meeting place). You shoulda seen 23 smart cars driving the down University of Texas drag! We were turnin' heads and minds. I love one of our bumper stickers on Baby Benz (Pat's smart) that read, "you're SUV makes you look fat". We had a great time. An official club is in the works, created by people, unlike me, who know what they're doing with car clubs and plenty of runs… Continue

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Suggestions for meet?

Gettin' ready for the first Central Texas Meet-n-Drive I got my windows tinted and figured out where to put the kids (ha ha). We have 19 smart cars confirmed for the "run", as motorcycle clubs call it, so I better wash my smart and have it lookin' good. I'm a little nervous about the run since I organized it. I hope everyone shows up and I hope they enjoy it. Any suggestions from y'all would be greatly appreciated. I'll take lots of pictures and post them asap. Wish us…

Added by Rmichael on July 18, 2008 at 9:18am — 1 Comment

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